My baby was born ugly: Woman shares transformation video of her pretty girl

A mother, @badgal.abbey, has shared a video of her kid, saying she is a typical example of a baby that was born ugly.

Speaking in a short viral clip, the woman showed people the beautiful girl her daughter had grown into.

Pretty kid who looked ugly after birth Seconds after, she revealed throwback photos of the girl when she was a newborn.

She said she was three weeks then. Many found the pictures very funny.

Mothers in her comment section also shared similar experiences of how the looks of their kids changed months after birth.

The video has gathered more than 49,000 shares and 24,000 comments as at the time of writing this report.

Below are some of the reactions:

Castillo azul said: “Ppl think I’m a bad mother when I say my kids were ugly as newborns I honestly mean it with the best intentions regardless I’ve was in love.”

Christen said: “lmfaooo she just needed a lil time to get herself together!”

Sonya Ross said: “She was always cute u caught her off guard with the pics.”

SHONTI said: “Lol she’s like a little pug but still cute.” QueenLibrarian said: “I feel like you baby is judging me.”

Grace K said: “I say this about my own kids all the time. I was worried for a few weeks.” The mother replied: “I was worried too LMFAOOO.”

VICKYLOGAN said: “I’m very prepared to laugh at my newborn.”

Watch the video below:


Thank God mi baby grow out har ugly looks 🤣

♬ original sound – Abigail E.

Intelligent baby gives correct answers

It was earlier reported that a mother, @amayamwiti, shared just how very intelligent her 19-month-old baby is and many were surprised by her video

She asked the child where she currently stays and the kid replied “UK”. She answered the question while eating.

The mother then asked her where her grandma stays and the baby said Kenya. Impressed by the kid’s answer, she challenged her further and asked for the capital of the African country.