Woman gives birth to Twins after 20 years of waiting

The Chairman of Hong Local Government in Adamawa State, Innuwa Wa’aganda and his wife, Achari Wa’aganda, have joyfully welcomed a set of twins after together for 20 years without a child.

Wa’aganda, who spoke to THE WHISTLER in a phone interview, said his 44-year-old wife conceived naturally without undergoing any artificial insemination and delivered naturally, giving birth to twins (girls) on 28th March 2024.

He said he and his wife have been married for 19 years 4 months and had battled childlessness before the wife finally conceived and delivered the twins.

Recounting what they both passed through as a couple before having the babies, the chairman said they passed through so many challenges, as people used to mock them for their inability to have children.

He said: “There are many challenges, you have to be patient for the main day. The challenges of not having children, people mocking you here and there because you do not have a child, but it is allowed. People can mock you to make way for God to give you a child.

“People will neglect you, they’ll disassociate themselves from you. And some people will advise you to go and marry another woman or go and marry another man, saying this man has problems, his family has problems. So there are many challenges, but God is great.”

Hon Wa’aganda also explained that people passing through challenges of childlessness usually consult different people, including herbalists with the hope of getting help to conceive and bear children, but he said he never did all that, rather, he trusted in God for the right time.

He pointed out that although his wife was worried during their waiting period, she nevertheless had patience.

“She had her faith alive and had patience believing God that one day it’d become a story.”

Expressing his joy over the arrival of the new born babies, the chairman said: “Now I’m so excited, happy, the joy, giving glory to God!

“Anything that’s impossible for men is possible for God. At what years did Sarah give birth to Isaac? She was about 70 years, and the Bible said she trusted God and kept her faith alive, talk more of me having my wife giving birth at 44 years.”

Wa’aganda therefore advised those passing through challenges of childlessness to depend on God.

“Let them depend on God and be prayerful. One day God will answer their prayer.

“It is not human being that gives a child, it is a gift from God. Let their faith be alive. That’s the lesson people should learn from this. Let them be focused on God,” he said. 


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