Within 12 months – Baby proudly stands in front of 87 tins of milk she consumed

A mother posted a photograph to show the tins of NAN milk her baby girl consumed in 12 months.

The photo was reposted on Facebook by Gold Endior, and the baby was seen proudly standing in front of the empty tins of milk.

The empty cans of NAN milk were stacked upward in a triangular shape, making it look like a small hill.

They were stacked beside a wall, and the girl was made to stand in the front as if to confirm that she emptied the cans.

Baby girl consumes 87 tins of NAN milk and 4 tins of Cerelac in 12 months

A simple count of the tins of NAN milk shows that they are nothing less than 87 in number.

An analysis shows that if the girl consumed 87 tins of NAN milk in 12 months, that means she consumed 7.25 tins per month.

But it is not only tins of NAN milk that are in the photo, as there are also empty cans of Cerelac. There are four tins of Cerelac included in the stack of empty tins consumed by the baby.

Gold Endior said while posting the photo: “Wow! World princess achievement in 12 months.

This is hilarious. Her parents must be impatiently waiting for her to grow.”