Wished I could do this – Video trends as lady gists while her mom cooks in kitchen (Watch)

A lady has shared a sweet moment with her mom in kitchen on social media and it gained many attentions online.

In a video making the rounds online, it captured the lady gisting her mother in the kitchen while the latter cooked their meals.

Sharing the coverage on TikTok, the young lady said that she can not cook and entertains her mum who can as her own way of contributing to the activity.

She stated that it is almost impossible that one is her friend and her mum doesn’t know about the person’s relationship.

The video was accompanied with, “Me telling my mom about my friends and their relationships while she cooks because I can’t cook. So, the least I can do is keep her entertained.”

Social media users gushed over the lady’s relationship with her mom as they took to comment section.

Watch the video below:


Some reactions are shown below:

girl_like_ommie said, “Literally me and my mom..na she dey even ask for updates especially when they fight.”

putridts said, “I did this because I was worried that my mother would feel left out as her children grew up and lived their own lives.”

Your friend said, “The way she’s chill about you sitting on the counter makes my inner child happy. Cos my mother would have slapped the blk off my nyash.”

His Excellency Treasure said, “I can cook but I do d gusting Nd she does d cooking I always threaten not to finish d gist if she ask me to do something.”

ojotu oluwabukola said, “My mum would never let me sit that comfortably on her kitchen countertop!!! Never!!”