My husband left the house – Wife regrets after writing resignation letter to husband’s company on his behalf out of jealousy

Recently, a Nigerian woman shared her story, revealing that her husband had left their matrimonial home shortly after she took certain actions.

In her confession, she admitted to writing a resignation letter on behalf of her husband and sending it to his company.

Her motivation behind this drastic step was rooted in her intense feelings of jealousy.

According to her, there was a female colleague at her husband’s workplace who showed a clear attraction to him.

This ongoing attention from the co-worker had been causing the woman increasing distress, leading her to take this drastic measure as it deeply troubled her.

Her statement: “I am a jealous lover and I dislike anyone giving my man attention of any sort. My husband does not hide anything from me.

I check his phone at will and he tells me stuffs.”

“Recently, a lady at his place of work started giving him attention, which he told me about.

I noticed they give each other reports and gradually became very close. He takes her calls in my presence.

One time they both went on a trip, I made sure I kept him awake on call all night. She became his favorite coworker.”

“Something happened when he was on a one-week break. I don’t know what got over me, but I turned off his phone and hid it.

My husband is someone that doesn’t give his phone attention for a whole day when he is at home.”

“I wrote a resignation letter on his behalf and sent it to the company’s email address.

I sent it on Monday last week, and then went ahead to delete the mail. I also blocked the company’s email address.”

“I love him so much, so much. He is my life. He is a good father.

Please help me. I will do anything you tell me to do. God, I have chased my husband away.”

See some reactions below:

@bluprint7g: “A woman doesn’t know what she’s capable of doing until she does it.A transparent husband is being punished by his own wife.

A wife has ended her husband’s source of income, hence provision is truncated. Why is she asking for help when she clearly destroyed her husband alone.”

@ade_dohyin:I am fighting the urge to call this woman oloriburuku. So she is not even pained about the man’s job but she’s more worried the man is with his colleague … Jesus Christ.

The man should just see if he can get his job back and I pray he did and he should never look back.”

@EjodamenJunior: “Agba my take might not make sense perhaps it is based on how I am feeling as I read this.

If I was the husband, I will start a relationship with that co-worker she is afraid of, and I will flirting with different women. Ogun go kee her.”

@PatrickSleek: “She’s sick and it will be foolish of that man to remain in that marriage. You do be shocked to know that her type are usually the cheat in marriages.

I’m sure the company will reinstate him once they found out the truth from him. Meanwhile, he should consider that his colleague.”

@Iremainillegal“Omo! This is so hard for me to swallow. For the fact that you made me loose my job out of jeslousy.

Hehehe nothing wey anybody wan follow me talk Ajeh! That’s the end! A jealousy wife is a big red flag. Oti lo niyen!”