Why marriages don’t last these days – Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, has revealed why most marriages don’t last.

Apostle Johnson Suleman explained why modern marriages are more likely to end in divorce than marriages from other eras.

The man of God said that a lot of marriages have fallen apart as a result of the excessive usage of social media platforms while delivering a sermon in his church.

Apostle Suleman asserts that the majority of young people rely on marital counsel they receive from social media and other internet sources. Adding that they have completely ignored the advice from their elderly ones.

“The problem with Africa, Europe, and America, is that technology has made us feel so independent. That is why marriages don’t last again,” he said.

Apostle Johnson Suleman stated that in the past before a woman or a man will get married into a family, proper investigations will be done by both families to ascertain which family their child will be marrying into. But now due to a lot of changes, most of these acts are ignored by the youth.

“When you go to your father and you want to marry, they will check the girl. They will do a thorough investigation. They will check her father’s side. They will check her mother’s side. They will check how their family is. Then they will say ‘My son, you can’t marry that girl.’ And you will agree,” he said.

He added that most marriages do not last because no further checks are done before the institution of marriage between parties.

“In those days, marriages last 50 years. In the days of love, the days of I’m in love, marriages cannot last 3 years,” he lamented.