“Why are you laughing?” – Leaked video of man in a hotel with dwarf causes buzz (VIDEO)

Social media reactions have trailed the video of a man spotted at a hotel with a dwarf. The short clip was first shared by Enigma, who did not mention where it was recorded.

Man and dwarf walk into hotel

In the video, the dwarf and the man were with someone believed to be the hotel receptionist.

When the receptionist finished attending to the two, they headed for the stairs of the hotel together. Many reactions have trailed the video as some people wondered why it was posted on social media.

Watch the video below:

Twitter users react to hotel video of man and a dwarf People on social media had different assumptions about what was going on the video.

@iamthepreence said: “There’s nothing like privacy again on the internet… some of us don’t have the strength to see videos like this. Please take it down and kindly upload the full one.”

@KanuArnold asked: “Why does this look funny to me? So many pictures running through my head.”

@Callipers_ said: “Release clause activated and medicals to take place in Turin.”

@TonyChinaza said: “Forget say this girl short ohh, but she get wetin all men need for woman which is waist.”

@viccetti said: “Is she not a human being? Why y’all laughing? You think you are better than her?”

@Wildorah said: “Two adults just living their lives, then wham! You brought out your phone to video them, for what?”