Who wore it better? Nengi, Mercy and Regina Daniels are triplets in Christmas Day pictures.

It reminded us of a famous rule of copyright law which states that there are no original ideas, just different forms of expression.

These three queens wore a red tube gown while posing on Christmas boxes but of course, the styling of the outfits was different.

Nengi: Nengi’s outfit was made by Lady Beelionaire, and her red strappy heels are from her own brand Shoes by Flora. Loved the pictures but we think the picture was missing a neckpiece and her neck was too bare.

Mercy Eke; Styled by Mz Florashaw, Mercy wore a bejewelled gown from Pearls Bridals and black stilettos with red bottoms. I liked Mercy’s rendition of the look.

Regina Daniels; We are not big fans of Regina’s outfit, especially the photography. The boxes were a bit tacky and compared to the two, her outfit falls flat, doesn’t mean she doesn’t look gorgeous

Source: Pulse Nigeria