Where are they? Bride breaks down in tears on wedding day after waiting long for her caterers at the reception (VIDEO)

A man identified as @blogwithmcb on TikTok has shared a touching video of himself consoling a bride at the reception hall.

According to the kind man, the bride had lost hope as the food vendors were supposed to be at the reception by 2 p.m., but by 4 p.m., they were still not around.

Emotional bride receives encouragement from guest

He continued to encourage the teary bride, giving her reasons to smile and hope for a successful reception.

He wrote;

“At this point, she lost hope cuz the food vendors were supposed to be at the reception at 2 pm, as at 4 pm, they were still not around. “But our team kept on encouraging her, gave her reasons to smile and hope for a successful reception.”

Reactions as bride breaks down over caterer’s late arrival

The heartwarming video has gained widespread attention, highlighting the importance of support in challenging moments.

Some netizens in the comments mentioned that someone was trying to sabotage her happy day

@Sharkii commented: “NAME AND SHAME THE VENDORS.”

@somethingsomething reacted: “Too much going wrong. She was either sabotaged or it’s a sign not to do it.”

@Lukiya Nalumu said: “Court wedding then a nice expensive meal with close family and friends!”

@debstam commented: “Pls list the vendors so we won’t make mistakes choosing them.”

@Kathy A. Goodman reacted: “From what I’ve read, it’s from dress issues, family not wanting makeup and now vendors delaying. This is not about shaming vendors or but evil forces.”

@Ashanti said: “Lol the way I would’ve been like this is a sign I shouldn’t marry him and left immediately.”

@PrettyMay commented: “But why are soo many issues centered around this wedding ahhh Omo thank God it ended in praise.”

@andoepiesie reacted: “Omo tag the food vendor so we no do mistake give them contract. Why nw.”

@Blessing Dzigbordi reacted: “God continue to bless you guys for the encouragement.big ups.”

@mizkente commented: “My dear the most important thing is ur married forget the rest.” Watch the video below:


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