“When he was alive, he received money through his wife’s bank account” – VerDarkBlackMan insists that Mohbad’s wife is a suspect

While investigations are ongoing on the tragic death of Nigerian music sensation Mohbad, Very Dark Man has resumed his speculations that Omawumi, Mohbad’s wife could be a possible suspect.

In a recent live video, Very Dark Man has once again raised concerns about the circumstances of Mohbad’s passing.

Very Dark Man, known for his outspoken nature, has brought forth new information and claims on the situation.

Very Dark Man has resumed his former claim that Omawumi, Mohbad’s wife, might have played a role in his untimely death.

He gives several reasons for this suspicion, including allegations that Mohbad used his wife’s bank account when he was newly signed to Marlians Records due to not having one of his own.

Additionally, Very Dark Man revealed that Mohbad had purchased land and properties for his wife and her mother, raising questions about their financial dealings.

Very Dark Man also spoke out his concerns over Mohbad’s treatment by Marlians, the record label he was signed to.

Despite Mohbad’s mother-in-law reportedly being a police officer, Dark Man expressed that no action was taken to protect Mohbad when he faced bullying and harassment within the label.

Recall that it was revealed over a week ago that investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo has entered the conversation with a shocking opinion.

She has called for a DNA test to be carried out on Mohbad, citing concerns about the paternity of his son. Kemi Olunloyo suggests that Mohbad’s son bears a resemblance to Sam Larry, sparking questions about the child’s parentage.