“What I ordered vs What I got” – Lady unhappy after getting the best a hairstylist could offer (Video)

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A lady who went to the salon to make her hair has shared a video of what she got from the salonist.

The lady said that she did not get the exact hairstyle she told the stylist to make for her.

Due to the unsatisfactory delivery by the salonist, the lady shared the video for her followers to see and have a say.

She showed what the hairstylist did for her and what she asked for, and many netizens could not help but laugh out loud.

Some, however, said the hairstyle looked similar and that it would be better if the lady had finished it with gel.

The video was posted by @vie_vieofficial. Watch the video below:


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Netizens react as lady shows the hair she wanted and what the hairstylist made for her

@ATHENA said: “Wear red shirt first e fit change.”

@Precious Christopher said: “They leave hair for front abi they no leave?”

@Quinn__ said: “Walk fast fast nobody will notice.”

@susan_peters said: “It is still the same style, just that she didn’t

get the finishing.Also, the first picture is edited.”

@Edo chidimma said: “Try look ground first and wear red cloth. I wan check something.”

@Erim said: “Just put gel e go balance.”

@obidikecharity said: “It’s really not that bad.”

@beldy18 said: “It’s because ur hair starts from the middle of your head.”

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