Maid caught attempting to pour a squeezed m€nstrual pad inside a keg of palm oil (Video).

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A Nigerian lady, working as a maid, has gotten into trouble for being caught in the act of trying to pour her used m€nstrual pad into a keg of palm oil.

According to a video shared on Twitter by Gidi Traffic, the media account claimed that the young lady was caught by her boss.

The media account posted the video with the caption,

“An incident occurred where a maid squeezed her used m€nstrual pad and was about to pour it into the keg of palm oil when she was caught by her boss.”

Voices could be heard in the video condemning the girl, while they pointed to what she held in her hand and the two palm oil kegs beside her.

The lady’s actions have sparked reactions, with many individuals taking to the comments section to share their opinions.

Unhappy with her actions, a Nigerian left a comment saying, “What a wicked world.”

See some reactions below:

@i_am_Oscar_D: “What a wicked world. Ile aye, ile asan.”

@MyrorMiller: “The cry nah for wetin exactly? Sheh she no know before say nah serious trouble for her if dem catch her?”

@RealKingJosh: “There’s a bigger picture here, people just don’t choose to do wicked things like this for no reason. They should check how her boss treats her. Either way an intervention is needed!”

@presidentnm: “A badly behaved human being. A look at her will tell how well she is treated. Yet she tried to reward her people this way? Shame!”

@DaPerola007: “What could have led her to do this barbaric act? Is it that she’s doesn’t like the way she is been treated or it’s just wickedness? God!!!”

@Godbles82: “Send her to her parents. she’s not happy there. This are the consequences of Forced Labour!”