We’re sorry forever – Couple poisons their children, takes own lives over debt.

In the Neelbad neighborhood of Bhopal, India, a couple is accused of poisoning their two children before killing themselves.

The incident took place on Thursday, July 13, 2023, and the husband’s growing debt has been blamed for it.

According to reports, at around 4 am, the deceased man, 38-year-old Bhupendra Vishwakarma, sent a distressing WhatsApp message to his family informing them of his desperate choice.

The worried family members immediately called the police at 6:30 am after reading the message when they awoke around 6 am.

When the police arrived, they discovered Ritu, 34, and Bhupendra’s dead bodies hanging in a room.

In another area of the house, their two children—ages 8 and 3—were found.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police SP Chandrashekhar Pandey, the couple hanged themselves after poisoning their children, driven to this extreme act by their overwhelming debt.

Investigations revealed that a suicide note and a packet of sulphate pills were recovered from the scene.

The suicide notes described the couple’s ordeal, shedding light on the tragic chain of events that led to their distressing decision.

The Suicidal note reads;

“I can’t understand what to do and what not to do. I don’t know what has befallen our small, lovely family.

We want to apologise to our family members. Due to my mistake, all the people associated with me have suffered a lot.

“We were living happily with our family. We had no worries or concerns.

But in April, I received a message on my phone about an online job opportunity.

Then I received another message on Telegram. Due to some extra money and my needs, I agreed to do additional work.

I didn’t have much time to spare, so I started doing this job.”

“Initially, I benefited a little from it, but gradually I got stuck in a quagmire.

Whenever I had a little time, I would start working on that job.

Eventually, the workload became so overwhelming that I couldn’t keep track of the money I had invested in it.

I couldn’t even use that money at home, and the pressure of work increased significantly.”

“Then I started receiving messages asking me to complete the order and withdraw my commission (money).

But it was a quagmire from which it was difficult to escape.

When all my money ran out, the company started asking me to take a loan,”

“I refused because my credit was already so bad that I couldn’t get a loan from anywhere.

But at the insistence of the company, I made an attempt and ended up getting a loan,”

“Before starting this job, I had checked a website, which was an e-commerce company.

That company works for TRP. It started in Colombia in 2022 after COVID.

I started working for them, but I didn’t know that I would end up in such a situation.”

“No one in my family, including my wife, knew about this work.

Whenever she saw me, she would just say not to do anything wrong.

And I would say in refusal that I’m doing it for your happiness.

But I couldn’t understand what I had gotten myself into.

“The company I worked for four years ago had shut down, and my credit had been ruined.

After becoming a victim of online fraud, I thought that I would clear everyone’s loans after receiving a little more money.

But I couldn’t imagine that things would get this bad,”

“The online job people put so much pressure on me regarding the loan that I myself became astonished.

I realized that I had been deceived. They started threatening me on every occasion.

I hadn’t even used this money for myself; I couldn’t even touch it.

The company offered me a loan, and taking the money, I put it back into the company.”

“In June, the burden of the loan kept increasing, and the loan recovery agents started threatening me.

Somehow, I managed to arrange for the EMI payment in June, but in July, the loan agents hacked my phone, extracted its details, and started blackmailing my relatives, friends, and colleagues.

They even used my boss’s profile picture wrongly. I feel quite guilty about it.

“All my acquaintances are suffering because of my mistake.

Everyone is being blackmailed. I went to the Cyber Crime Office with this information, but due to the lack of officers and their leave, the case got delayed.

I went to the Cyber Crime Office again.

“I met a lawyer to prepare the application. He has asked for some time for drafting.

But I am in a state where I can’t talk to anyone or meet anyone. No one understands that I have already fallen into my own eyes.”

“I am on the verge of losing my job. I can’t see my future or my family’s future.

I am not worthy of facing anyone. How will I face my family? I want to apologize to my father, mother, grandparents, siblings, my dear sisters, and my beloved daughter.

Please forgive us. I am helpless. Maybe everything will be better after we are gone.”

“My only request is that after we are gone, please don’t trouble my family members for the loan. Don’t trouble any relatives or colleagues.

I apologise to my father-mother, grandparents, three sisters, two elder brothers, Antu, and both years. Please forgive us,”

“This is where our journey ends. Our final wish is that there should be no postmortem and everyone’s last rites should be performed together, so that we remain together.