We miss you! – Lady storms Jehovah Witness’ hall to know why they stopped door-to-door visitation

A concerned lady has shared her finding after she visited the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness to know why they have been on hiatus.

Jehovah’s Witness is a group of people that witness to people by distributing literature and by personal evangelism to beliefs in the theocratic rule of God. Their beliefs are slightly different from other Christians.

The lady identified as Askia recorded her journey in a now viral Tiktok video.

On getting to the Kingdom Hall, she first wondered what had become of them and rhetorically asked if they have gone to heaven.

She entered the premises and expressed how she missed Jehovah’s Witnesses to a man she met on ground.

The man revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown were responsible for their 2-year hiatus, but that they will resume their evangelism this September.


Visited the KingDom Hall of jehovahs witnesses to find out what really is the reason for their extended absense in our lives. #trend

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Netizens reactions

user758526604284 said: “All of them keep saying next week since last year, my own is they shouldn’t knock on my gate for anything.”

princesspromisepr said: “Askia u don do Wety nobody be fit do. “Thank you we think say them don go heaven leave we,ei no go work!”

parispevely said: “That was a very good questions, cuz I was beginning to think the churches are closed.”

berylheavens said: ” Yi nofit eva work even their clothes dem 4 market juh hang there noman di buyam ar b feel say rapture happen na only dem go.”

Afieh said: “Ofcourse dem dey.The reason for their absence be be na bc of Covid-19 measures.But Meetings dey back as usual now.Hope dey answered all your questions.”

Vivian Nnenna Okafor said: “I’m not a jehova witness member but I feel heaven will honour you for this act

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