We Have Received 1,500 Applications From Nigerians in Two Months – Guinness World Records Says

The number of Nigerians applying to break a Guinness World Record has risen astronomically since May, when Hilda Bacci attempted to break the standing record of the longest cooking hour.

Information exclusively obtained by an online platform, Legit.ng revealed that 1,500 people from Nigeria have applied to the Guinness World Records from May to July 2023.

According to Legit.ng the body said:

“The attention and excitement that Hilda Baci’s cooking marathon gained was certainly an incentive for many Nigerians to consider attempting a Guinness World Records title.

Since her record attempt, there has been a spike in applications from Nigeria, particularly for marathon records.”

How Hilda Baci set off a storm of wood-be record breakers

In May 2023, Hilda Baci embarked on a cooking marathon that saw her cook for 93 hours and 11 minutes.

The event was hugely successful and grabbed media attention for many weeks, and ultimately turned Hilda into a celebrity chef.

Since then, many young people flooded the GWR with numerous applications. When asked to put a number to the high flow of applications,

“We have received over 1,500 record applications from Nigeria since the start of May.”

Some record attempts are fake and were not registered with GWR

Some people embarked on fake record attempts which were not registered with the GWR, all with the intention to have fun or to be popular.

Things got to an interesting point where the body had to tell one social media user who was talking about breaking a record that it was enough.

After that, some people speculated that the record body would soon ban Nigerians from registering or attempting to break records.

No plans to ban Nigerians from GWR

However, the GWR told Legit.ng that there are no plans to ban Nigerians from breaking records or registering to do so.

The body said: “No, we are thrilled that so many Nigerians have been inspired by Guinness World Records and welcome their applications. Record breaking is open to all.”

GWR tells Nigerians to follow due process

The body has, however, insisted that due process must be followed by those seeking to break records to avoid an exercise in futility.

It says:

“Please check the Guinness World Records website first, where you will find plenty of helpful information about how the application process works, as well as what makes a Guinness World Records title.

“Apply for the record and receive the guidelines before going ahead and be sure to follow the guidelines strictly.

Collate all evidence required and submit carefully via your application. Practice for your attempt, and good luck!”