We are open to collaborations – Fejosbaba TV

The Director of Fejosbaba TV, who doubles as the President of PREM Films, Femi Adebile has announced that Fejosbaba TV is now available for collaboration with ministries and organizations for the production of gospel movies that will bless lives.

Femi Adebile made this public via Facebook days after the maiden edition of Fejosbaba Viewers’ Choice Award (FBVCA) 2023 held at Ondo State on the 22nd of April, 2023.

According to him, he has received calls and text messages from ministries and organizations seeking the hand of Fejosbaba Tv for collaborations, therefore there is need to make a public announcement on the development.

He also added that there are terms and condition attached to it.

In his words;
Got a lot of calls on this issue of collaborations! Let me sort this; We are open to collaborations on movie productions.

Terms and conditions apply though.

As at the time of gathering this report, Femi Adebile was yet to make public how prospective collaborators can reach out to Fejosbaba Tv for discuss.

** We strongly believe contact details attached at the end credit of Fejosbaba Tv productions can also be used to reach out to the ministry. +2349067664024 or a mail on [email protected]

GFNG had earlier reported that maiden edition of the Fejosbaba TV Viewers’ Choice Award was held on Saturday night, 22nd of April, 2023.

FBVCA (Fejosbaba TV Viewers Choice Award) gives space for lovers of Fejosbaba movies to vote their favorites cast and crew members in various categories, and also to appreciate their contributions to the growth of Fejosbaba TV.

The event, considered as the most prestigious film award ceremony was held at LA SALE Secondary School Arigbabola Ondo City, Ondo with Oluwatimilehin Awojobi and David Balogun Obaloluwa as the hosts.

The event made a big and groundbreaking hit, featuring brilliant musical performances from Yomi Apala, Baba Akile, Femi Adewole (a.k.a Woli Agba) and others.

The event also debuted the launching of Fejosbaba TV App; the new platform where all Fejosbaba Tv’s contents can be accessed with zero ads.

The live audience and viewers were treated to a series of happy tears, support and heartfelt speeches from nominees who received awards as well as certificates of awards.

In an appreciation note made by the organizer of FBVCA, Evang. Femi Adebile appreciated his wife, Rebecca Femi-Adebile, all gospel drama ministers graced the event and also extended his gratitude to all the Students at Fejosbaba Talent Workshop (FTW) for their supports to ensure the success of the event.

Femi Adebile promised to make available the breakdown of all that happened during the event in a video clip on his YouTube channel.

In his words; Thank you Jesus! I never knew it will be this BIG. Fejosbaba TV VIEWERS’ CHOICE AWARD FBVCA, The Lord came and we enjoyed the atmosphere, To all our gospel Film makers that we invited and came around to see what we meant! Ese o

To all my friends who came to support me, To all my FTW Students! You are so awesome, To my wife who planned the entire event and was running here and there to see it successful! Ese o!

To Woliagba and his wife who came to honour us! To my Mum who came around! Everyone who travelled from far and near! Ese o

We made this happen together, We made a mark, This is just a seed into the bigger picture!, From the worship to the red carpet, From the comics to the seminars, The plenary session and lots more!

The next edition of which planning has stated now will be a divine bang! The Lord will send us men and resources. Our Film makers will be more celebrated and honoured! Jesus will be the centre if it all…..

My parting words: Whatsoever vision God has planted in your heart, please do it and run with it!

Just start it, The signs only follow it doesn’t go before them that believe….. Good morning Expect the full video of the event soon. SEE PHOTOS BELOW