P. VICTOR OLUKOJU (gospel films)

Gospelwood actor and producer, Pastor Victor OLUKOJU popularly known far and wide as P.V.O decided to give a crystal clear caution and guide on how to use social media. In the post he shared today on his Facebook timeline, he compiled some social media ethics he found useful to guide many social media users.

His post read thus:

One of the most dangerous things I know in this century is to be on the social media without a clear purpose.

You must ask yourself,






Without clear answers to the questions above, you have no business on the social media. The social media can be very addictive!

It is possible to be a slave of it.

As good as it could be, it can destroy a life if your purpose on it is not well stated and follow strictly.


Here are some of the ethics, I’ve been able to put together for users of social media (it is not exhaustive list though). Parents should take their wards who want to go into the use of social media through these one after the other.

Those who are already there can find these very useful as well.


Social Media Ethics

1. Insults and use of abusive language is childish. Don’t ever reduce yourself into doing that.

2. Don’t attack anyone on his/her wall. If you don’t agree with him and you are truly concerned. Send him an inbox message and see if you could persuade him. Otherwise, go to your own wall and write what you believe.

3. Work hard to balance your write up and don’t force it down the throats of your readers. Strive not to be unnecessarily controversial. You have nothing to gain by that.

4. Don’t be arrogant in your opinion. It can easily be seen by your readers.

5. Don’t share information you are not sure of. Find out before you hit the share button.

6. People are entitled to their opinions just as you are entitled to yours. If you are no longer comfortable by their world view, you can “unfriend” so you stop seeing their posts.

7. Always differentiate between persons and issues. Don’t attack individuals. Talk about the issues raised and have respect for people. We can’t all see the same way.

If you insist that it’s only 2+2 that is 4 and he insists that it’s only 3+1 that is 4. Who is wrong? Who is right?

8. Know that when you click “like” button, you endorse the post. So, read through and make sure it’s what you agree with before you endorse.

9. You are free to “unfriend” or block anyone who continuously attack what you stand for and have no regard for your vision and principles. It does not mean the person is your enemy.

10. There is no point to “follow” anyone who you are not benefitting anything from.

11. You should be known for some things. Your wall should not be like a trash-can just for anything. For me, my wall is my pulpit. A sacred altar.

13. Be careful not to post everything about your life on the social media. It is not safe to write all about your progress, family and movements.

14. Don’t follow anyone that you are not benefitting anything from in terms of contents and values. It is time wasting.

15. Be quick to delete any ponographic material or offensive stuff and block whoever posts such. Second look may encourage the third and more. Predators are not few on the social media… Always looking for soul to ensnare! Don’t be a victim.

16. It is strongly advisable that you have some time with God before the use of social media. Don’t start your day with it. Start your day with talking to God through prayers and studying the word.

17. Don’t chat with a stranger who you are not sure of. Always report any incidence you are not comfortable with to your parents or significant others.

Don’t give information about yourself and family to faceless humans. Be very careful.

18. Priority should be giving to real people around you. Many are consumed chatting with virtual friends and starve their family members of same affection and care.

19. When you are chatting with someone for the first time, show some courtesy and respect. Some have this habit of saying “hi” “wasup ” and the like. They keep saying that until any serious person gets very irritated. Sometime you wonder if they don’t have anything doing and time means nothing to them!

If you have an issue to talk about, introduce yourself formally and go straight to the point. Don’t abbreviate your words. This shows a level of unseriousness.

20. The picture you use for your DP is very important. It tells so much about who you are. Always use what represents your values and what you stand for. Responsible people are concerned about the kind of picture you post and use.

21. What are the kinds of pictures you post on your social media? Some have lost job opportunities and great relationships because of recklessness in their postings. It is easy to judge you by the kind of pictures in your social media. It is your virtual reality.

22. You need to realize that many people find it difficult to accept friend’s request without your picture on display. They want to see who you are and sometime the content of your page.

23. It is wrong when someone releases his phone number to you and you start sending them unsolicited posts like daily devotionals, tips, cut and paste etc. Never you do this. It may look spiritual but certainly unethical

24. Don’t add anyone to any social media group without the person’s permission. It is very wrong. The list you could do is to share the reason for the group immediately you add them.

Victor Olukoju PVO

C.E.O, gospelfilmsng