Using your phone to browse social media during church service is a major sign of addiction – Joshua Mike-Bamiloye .

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye a.k.a Jaymikee has reacted to the smartphone addiction that is gradually eating up the young and old, yet unchecked, and has found it’s way inside the church also.

In a recent tweet made few minutes ago, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye said a major sign that phone has become an addition to it’s user is when the user is unable to resist the urge of using the phone inside the church.

Writing further, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye explained that using phone to browse social media applications even when in the presence of God is a sign that the habit has become an addiction and should be checked.

He added that it is a very dangerous habit.

In his words;

“Using your phone during a church service (browsing through social media, WhatsApp etc) is a major sign of addiction.

The hold on you is so strong that you would rather disregard God’s presence than refrain from using the device for a few hours. This is dangerous.”

However one of his twitter followers identified as Brother Buddy took to the reply section to cry for help on how he can overcome the temptation of using his mobile phone during church services.

In reaction, Jaymikee advised that him to hand over his mobile phone to a trusted friend before each service begins with an clear instruction not to release it to him no matter what happens until the service ends.

“Perhaps Try giving your phone to a trusted friend before service. Ask them not to give you back no matter what until after service.

With time, the new habit of keeping away the device will develop” – Jaymikee replied Brother Buddy

Other reactions GFNG compiled below;

The business writer; Big time addiction and it could be so subtle… from check-in replies to having conversations to watching videos.

You just can’t stay without being entertained… omo

Lamide: I’m in the social media unit in my church so I video Pastor walking in and when everyone’s dancing or checking in w YouTube.

Anytime I start to get distracted w my phone( when I’m just working), I put it on airplane mode and ask God to help me focus.

Obianuju: The reason I really said I will start carrying my hard copy bible to church henceforth…because na from phone bible e dey start bayiiii🥺

Joshua JMB: I concur… Even I that do business online always make sure my phone notification go off so I don’t disrespect the present of God among his saint.

Olumayowa: Well said, even devil do have his way by making all important calls and messages come to the time of the service. May God free us from this Jailer called technology.

Oluwatamilore Durojaiye: So trueee

This is why I use a physical notebook during service and keep my phone in my bag through out

Prolific elga: I discipline my self on this years ago.What I do is I freeze the app till after church

Okolo Chibueze: It’s about the person involved and his or her addiction, we don’t allow have to make stuff like this be about the involved and God.

See his tweet below;