“Useless”: Nigerian graduate unable to secure job for 13years burns all his certificates from primary to university (VIDEO)

man burns certificate

A young Nigerian graduate identified as Olutimain Alvin Lanre, took all his school certificates from primary school to university and set them ablaze. According to him, the certificates are of no use as he has been unable to secure a job since he graduated in 2010.

The video clip trending captured some of his certificates, which included one from Ajayi Crowther University, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Primary School Leaving Certificate, Secondary School Certificate and others.

Lanre lamented that all the jobs he has been able to do since his graduation are jobs meant for illiterates, hence rendering his certificates useless.

According to Lanre, it is better for young people to acquire skills instead of going to school to study for a long time for certificates they will end up not using. He brought out all the certificates and lit them on fire while lamenting how he hadn’t used them to secure anything useful for himself. Some netizens agreed with him, but others bashed him for taking what they called a rash action.

Nigerians react as man burns his certificates

@SAMBLINQZ: “If he does that, how would his message be passed?”
@therealmifo: “Coloured photocopy machines dey. Who are you fooling?”

@HarunaNuhu: “Valid points but rash action to take.”
@OkoronkwoJohns1: “He is expressing frustrations of Nigeria as a country.”

@2023best_is_35: “I have enlarged mine. They are in my sitting room. It is a reminder for me not to allow my children to study useless courses in this country. Rather, they will go for professional courses.” Watch the video below:


LAUTECH graduate returns certificate, demands fees refund

Recall that one Oludare Alaba, a graduate of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso once stormed his alma mater in an attempt to return his certificate in exchange of a refund of fees paid to the school since he gained admission until he graduated.

The video clip that went viral captured the moment Oludare hinged his request on the fact that his certificate had brought him nothing in life, such that he could not make ends meet.

He said his misery is compounded by his inability to feed his wife and kids and respond to the needs of his 90-year-old father. Oludare, who said he is an award-winning entertainer, said he intended to use the refund to build on his talent and live a meaningful life.

Speaking with the Nigerian Tribune, Oludare said he had become frustrated that, despite being a graduate, he could not live a good life.

Noting that he was tempted to do money rituals, he sought the help of Nigerians to enable him to be gainfully employed, pursue his talent, and make ends meet.

Oludare said: “I returned the certificate because it has no impact on my existence. I asked for a refund of the fees paid in school so I can use it to build my talent and live a meaningful life.

“I am an entertainer and even won the MTN talent hunt award during my service year in 2016. I have continued to struggle in life such that the opportunities I am getting is to do money rituals but I don’t want to do such. I want to be useful to Nigeria, my family, myself and to God.

“I am married with two kids; my dad is 90 years old but I continue to borrow money from him rather than give him. He told me that he took loans to fund my education and hasn’t refunded it and cannot continue to borrow money to give me.

“I ask for help in any form. I want to pursue my entertainment career. I don’t want my career wasted.”

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