Trouble for Verydarkman as lady threatens to sue him N3 million for getting involved in assault case (VIDEO)


Obidi, a woman from Nigeria, is committed to suing Martins Otse, also known as VeryDarkMan. This has just happened after Otse voiced his opinions regarding her reported assault incident.

Obidi claimed a man she met on Tinder had physically interacted with her while she was intoxicated.

She added that she was oblivious of what happened that night since a prominent Abuja bar had allegedly tampered with her drink.

The woman claimed that she had already made plans to go to Keje Grills in order to gather the evidence she would need to file a lawsuit.

Obidi demands apology, N3 million compensation from VeryDarkMan

Otse added his voice to the situation, claiming Obidi had not been truthful in her charges and that she had disabled her account.

The irate woman sought an apology from VeryDarkMan and asked proof that her account had been terminated. Obidi plans to sue VeryDarkMan and is asking for N3 million in damages.

She emphasized the necessity to safeguard abused victims and the significance of keeping people accountable for their deeds. Obidi continued by stating that she is adamant about seeing the case through to its conclusion and that she is aware of the activist’s address.

She said;

“VeryDarkMan I’m going to Keje Grills now to go and collect their reply for my intent to sue.

Since you don’t have sense or you think I’m Jenny’sglow or you don’t understand that rapee is a very sensitive matter. You will tell me how I disabled my account, you will show me the apology.

“You all were sending death threats to me that was why I locked my account and put it on private but now all of my accounts are open.

You don’t know that raepe victims need to be protected. Now you will pay me damages of N3 million.”

Reactions as lady sues VeryDarkMan, asks for N3 million compensation

Massive reactions have trailed the post with many criticising Martins Otse.

@beygood1992 said: “Dis Very Dark Man is doing TOO MUCH. Now I don’t know if this Girl is lying or not, I’m talking generally. Dark Man u are not the Police, not the Judiciary;

Many of these cases you don’t have ALL the facts, you don’t see physical evidence, either do u Interview both parties. You just put on ur bl00dy ring Light and make yourself Judge and Jury. Making the public ATTACK this ppl unjustly. It’s WRONG.”

@adamazi_prisca reacted: “That one is somewhere in Abuja now setting up his Ringlight and camera with his Singlet and Pure water to address this.”

@fannyverla reacted: “I don’t understand how y’all even support him! He talks too much for my liking! Disgusting.”

@its_yuzee said: “Very dark man setting up his ring light with his singlet, pure water, muscles, and Ceiling fan to address this issue -you will now hear watch Ds video.”

@mimi_hrh reacted: “Why is that guy always on the wrong side at all times? Is he an agent of darkness or satan?”

Watch the video below


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