‘My life was without form before we met’ – Actor Toluwalope Adegbo celebrates wife, Oreofe on her birthday (Photos)

Gospel film actor and set man of ‘When My People Pray’, Toluwalope Adegbo has penned a beautiful love note to his wife, Oreofe Adegbo as she celebrates her birthday today, 29th of July.

Sharing some pictures of himself and his wife, Toluwalope Adegbo thanked his wife for believing in him and standing by him against all odds.

The actor stated that his life was empty before he met her 10years ago but his wife believed in him and with faith embarked on the ‘life long journey’ with him.

He also described her as an epitome of God’s grace and Mercy.

In his words;

“Everyone at one time or the other is looking THAT something :something that makes them complete, some find it in the strangest places, places they never thought it would be. But when you eventually find it, the feeling is like flying without wings.

This wis the perfect picture to describe how TOLUWALOPE FELT WHEN HE MET OREOFEOLUWA 10 years ago. My life was without form and void.hmmmm….

Thank you for standing by me against all odds

Thank you for believing in ME. Thank for embarking on this life long journey with me

Thank you for being my TEMINIKAN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an epitome of GOD’S GRACE AND MERCY.

Happy birthday to my wife( the surest sign that I have INDEED received FAVOUR from the LORD). The LORD is with us as a mighty TERRIBLE ONE. Operation Jer 20:11″ SEE PHOTOS BELOW

toluwalope adegbo (7)

toluwalope adegbo (7)

toluwalope adegbo (7)

toluwalope adegbo (7)

toluwalope adegbo (7)


GFNG had earlier reported that Toluwalope Adegbo’s wife, Oreofe Adegbo took to her Facebook page to drum support for Joshua Mike-Bamiloye over his tweet on Christians who attend shows/concerts organized by Secular artists.

Few days ago, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye called on Christians whom he tagged ‘ingenuine’ for not creating boundaries between themselves and activities involving secular musicians. (READ HERE)

Reacting to this, Oreofe Adegbo thanked Joshua Mike-Bamiloye for taking his stand and also encouraged other Christians who are afraid of doing the same.

In her words;


Yesterday, @jay_mikee had a profound truth to share with fellow believers.

In his words, “Honestly, if you consider yourself a genuine Christian, it’s not appropriate to participate in shows or concerts by secular artists like Davido, Wizkid, Rema etc.

Some might argue against this view, but those who are guided by the Holy Spirit understand where to set boundaries.”

No matter how much dust is raised; this is nothing but the truth.

Dear Christian,

You should be bold with your truth. The devil is bold with his lies!

We are believers. We shouldn’t be walking on eggshells regarding matters like this!

Taking a stand for Jesus is not for timid Christians!

Taking a stand for Jesus is not for shy Christians!

Taking a stand for Jesus is not for Christians who want to stay in the middle!

Taking a stand for Jesus is not for Christians who don’t want to offend anyone!

Have you observed how ‘faithfuls’ of some other religion seem to do “too much” when it comes to taking their stand.

They don’t care about how it makes you feel. If their prophet and holy book says its right, then its right. They believe its unbeatable and that settles it. While this may not be so right; the lesson therein is this LET PEOPLE KNOW WHAT YOU STAND FOR, THEY WILL EVENTUALLY BE THE ONE TO ADJUST TO YOUR STANDARDS.

I understand that the word “Christian” has been misunderstood. Also, whenever the Lord is sending his word to sanctify His people, the derailed ones will feel so attacked and say you’re judging them. Those to whom this message was sent know themselves; there’s no need to fight!

We all tend to err and derail at a point, but it is wisdom to acknowledge that we’re wrong and then come to the throne of grace to obtain mercy, not fight the truth.

Whenever you get the opportunity to share the truth of God’s word, please do.

2 Timothy 3:16

Every Scripture is God-breathed and profitable for instruction, for reproof and conviction of sin, for correction of error and discipline in obedience, for training in righteousness.


God bless.