Tolulope (Flora of Abattoir) shares photos & videos from her birthday celebration at the orphanage.

Gospel film actress, Tolulope Adegboyega-Alagbe on 28th of March, 2023 celebrated her 30th birthday amidst joy and charity as she paid a visit to an orphanage home.

GFNG had earlier reported that the mother of twins took to her Instagram in series of post to narrate her pregnancy journey and how she overcame the challenges she faced.

Yesterday, the actress took to her Instagram page to share some photos and video of herself with the children at Jesus Children Mission Outreach (Orphanage Home) Lagos.

This is not the first time Tolulope Adegboyega-Alagbe will be commemorating her birth day by visiting the orphanage to celebrate her birthday with them.

GFNG reported last year that she also had a moment with the children at Little Saint Orphanage. See her post below (This year’s birthday celebration & Last year birthday Celebration)

“I battled fibroid” – Tolulope (Flora of Abattoir) shares jaw dropping testimony on her pregnancy journey

GFNG earlier reported that the Actress, Tolulope Alagbe took to social media to share how God helped her scale through the challenges that came with her pregnancy.

In her words; So I intentionally kept all of God’s blessings to me for today because Indeed he has been faithful.

This babygirl is 30 whattttttttttt to be honest I didn’t think I would make it up to 30 bcz the devil really really came for me.

After I got married immediately the devil came with fibroid I battled with dat for close to 3month. Immediately I got diagnosed of it I keyed in to prayer alters NLP,NSPPD e.t.c and indeed God came true.

March 5 I took in I was so so scared to even go for a scan because I didn’t want to hear madam do u know u have fibroid, but still after my pregnancy test I took a leap of faith and I went for a Scan and boom I was pregnant and no fibroid seen

I was so so happy I could remember that march 5 which was my last menstrual period was d day my husband laid his hands on my tommy wen I got worried about seeing blood 3 to 4 times in a month and i discovered that was the day I took In. Indeed he is been faithful

boom I took in and no fibroid seen and only one baby was seen then I went home dancing not knowing I was in for another surprise.

So my husband and I kept praying for the baby in the womb, one thing I noticed wen my husband is praying is that he would always say I pray for the babies in the womb I would always open one eye and look at him then close it back.

Then one day I asked him, why are you always saying we pray for the babies in the womb wen scan clearly saw one baby he said God had showed him more than one baby then I said okay ooo.

I personally had always known too that I did give birth to twins but I didn’t know dey will come as my firstborn.

so we kept praying. I went for antenatal on this faithful day then I said to myself let me even go for scan and check how my baby is doing I was 12weeks gone then.

I went to meet my midwife to do a scan for me and she took me in wen she started the scan I saw a strange look on her face and it got me scared den I asked her Nurse tracy is my baby fine she said yes.

but I am seeing another gestational sac do u have twins in your family den I laughed she den said I have to go for another scan at africglobal just to be sure she saw what she saw then I was refered to africglobal and boom it was twins.

Twin 1 and Twin 2. I was happy and at the same time Sad and Scared. I know u will ask me y Sad and Scared is it not a thing of Joy.

But right there I remembered that was how I lost my mum wen I was little She had twins wanted to deliver she bled till she died and lost one of d twins and later the other died too. So there I knew I needed to pray so I shot myself out of social media and I hid myself away to pray

Like they say a closed mouth is a closed destiny I did not joke with prayers at all.

my midwife will always say during my antenatal class if you are a pregnant woman in this class and you aren’t the praying type now that you are pregnant start praying.

After I got to know about the twins I got sick I was rushed to the hospital twice during pregnancy, I was admitted, given drips, I couldn’t go to work for 5 month I was terribly sick to bath self na problem I can remember people with me would always drag me to the bathroom and bath for me.

After five month I started getting a bit better and in between this I took my big belly to open Heavens Gallery inside the redemption camp because I Just felt an urge in me to pray more. READ THE 2ND PART HERE!