TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 9 & 10 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde

Every step Joy took towards the Executive suite was like been drawn to the place of slaughter. She had never had this type of sex. This was prostituting herself. What she was accustomed to was been in the heat and finding anyone around her who wanted the same, but here she was offering herself as a call girl. The rational thinking side of her was in pain, she wanted to stop, but she couldn’t especially with all the ‘prep’ talk the girls had given her thinking she was a novice…

“How many times have you done this before?” Loveth had asked

“None!” Joy lied; she was not about to share her life story with the haters.
Besides she wanted them to see it as her doing them a favour.

“It will be painful at first, but if you can hold on, it will get better” Jessica had said

Joy could only smile in her heart, the pain they were talking about; she felt it when she was only 5 years old. A pain she could never forget. A pain even her mother felt.

“ Come in” the guest replied after Paul knocked.

Joy pulled herself together and decided to live in the moment.

“ And here comes my package”

“ Yes here she is, but she wants to know if the N500,000 is fine with you”

“As long as she gives me N500,000 enjoyment”

“I will” Joy answered.

Joy was forced to return back to the Present as she was infront of the hotel.

“We are here!” the driver said.

A lot of things had happened in three years. After the guest had been fully satisfied, he gave them the N500,000 and that was the beginning of good times for Joy and the rest of the Staff.

Gradually, Business started picking up and Madam was happy. She didn’t know what was happening underground.

The deal was just between the staff, the manager and the guest.
Joy was the Money girl, guests preferred her to the others, and apart from entertainment money, Joy also had ways of collecting extra money from guests.

Joy therefore was sure about this new guest, she was excited about playing the game as usual, but was this game the usual?

“ I am here!” Joy said on entering the reception…

“This money bag is enormous!” Ayo the Valuer said

“ You don’t say!” Joy said laughing

“I am not sh*tting you, but we have a problem?” Ayo said

“ What is the Problem? Is he a Pastor?” Joy said laughing

“ No, He came with a beautiful wife” Loveth said.

Mirabel looked out through the window…

“This place is beautiful, but it has this very offensive smell” Mirabel observed

“The OCD in my wife is speaking?” Alex replied.

He walked to where she stood, hugging her from behind, and placing a kiss on her neck.

“Babe, no hotel can be as clean as our home, so forgive them. We are here to have fun, so let Mrs Mirabel Oshikoya the neat freak stay in the background for the next five days, and let Mirabel the playful wife of my youth come to the forefront. Please!” Alex said playfully kissing her neck.

“ Ok, I promise” Mirabel said but her eyes could not help but notice the dust on the window. She swallowed her observation, but it didn’t stay in for too long…

“But please, just this one time, Can I call the reception to send in a cleaner to just clean the window? You know I love to sit by the window…Please!”

“ Ok!” Alex stepped back laughing. He knew he had to let her have her way if they were going to move on.

“ Thank you!” Mirabel said giggling like a child.
Mirabel ran to the intercom and dialed the reception.

“ The man looks like a player but it is obvious he loves his wife” Loveth said, as they all sat brainstorming

The Intercom rang. Loveth raced to the phone.

“ From their room” She announced to the others

“ Hello, Good Morning, this is the reception, My name is Loveth, How can I be of help?”

“ Hi Loveth, can you send a cleaner to our suite, the windows are quite dusty”

“ Ok Ma, the cleaner will be with you shortly”
Loveth dropped the call and said to the other…

“ She needs a Cleaner!” Loveth said smiling sheepishly

“And a Cleaner she will get. Let’s clean her husband’s bank account” Joy replied.

Opeyemi Akintunde

Aduke sat in her room looking at the picture of her daughter Motunrayo, it was already five years since she left home, no one could tell her whereabout. In fact, everyone Aduke knew except her rivals had helped search for Motun, but it was all to no avail.

“ Motun, when will you come back home, When will you give me Joy again?” Aduke’s tears flowed freely. Her eyes were used to the tears.
Motun was her only Child, a child she bore for the King of her village.

Truth be told, she wasn’t the first wife, neither was she the second nor third. She was the fifth wife, who unfortunately for her bore the child the priest said will be the richest amongst the kings’ seed. Aduke had always wondered why the priest had not been wise enough to be discreet with that kind of information. He had blurted out like an old fool…

“ I see Gold, this child will be very rich, in fact she will be a gold merchant, Oh King! This is the greatest of all your seeds. Though she is a girl, she will be the one to bring fame to this kingdom. I see her among White people, Maybe she will be selling Gold to them”

Aduke remembered her mother being furious the moment they entered her private chambers…

“ What kind of priest declares the glorious destiny of a child in front of rivals in a polygamous family?” Her mother had said. Aduke remembered how she had ignorantly waved her mother’s fears aside.

Motun indeed showed signs of being a different child as she walked earlier than most children born around the same time, she started speaking earlier than others. Every thing about her was fast.

Aduke remembered when everything changed.

When Motun was three years old, one of the teenage princesses had screamed;

“ Abomination….!”

Every one in the Palace except the King had rushed to the scene of the abomination…

Motun was seen lying on top of her two year old step brother naked. She was rocking the boy who was crying, everyone tried to separate them but Motun would not let him go. As they successfully separated her, she kept following the person holding the boy…

“ This is a curse ooo” Aduke overheard one of her rivals saying.

“ This is not her first time” Aduke heard one of the servant boys saying.

“ I have separated her from different boys in this palace”
Aduke reached out for Motun…

“ Motun come, Adenike Come, “ Aduke called her by her two names but her daughter didn’t respond. Her daughter seemed lost. All she cared about was the boy they were taking away from her.
Aduke carried her, took her to her private chambers and held her tightly rocking her. Aduke knew something had been done against her child. She didn’t need anyone to tell her, one of the wives was responsible for this.

“ Motun, don’t worry, you will be fine, the owner of the evil load will carry their load.”

Aduke’s tears dropped as she remembered that awful day. After that day, the King started despising her, he started avoiding her room. Whenever it was time for him to sleep in her room, he would complain of a headache. She was left alone to handle Motun.

Everyone quickly forgot the prophecy; instead Motun became a child no mother wanted their children to associate with.

Motun grew with the knowledge that she was cursed, as she had to undergo different purification processes. Motun grew with the sexual urge as normalcy, to the point that Aduke had to buy her a doll. She encouraged Mosun to rock dolls as a way of relieving herself instead of meeting people.

Motun however was not curtailed by that. Instead, she was getting worse by the day. Whenever the urge came on her, she would pounce on any man in sight including servants, her half siblings and school mates. It got to a point, the school asked her to stay at home and female teachers were assigned to teach her at home. This privilege she had was because she was a Princess.

By the Time Motun was 13years Old, she ran away from home.

“ God, will I ever see Motun Again. God, can she ever fulfil that destiny? Motunrayo mii, will I still see you again?” Aduke’s tears flowed as always.

“ Mama Ibanuje! Food is ready ooo” Aduke heard the Second Queen calling her the Mother of Sadness. They had nicknamed her that, since her child Motunrayo was not giving her joy.