TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 1 & 2 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Today is a good day for you, but I can’t promise you what tomorrow holds for you, if you like yourself, just pray we have another guest soon, that will give us money, if not…” Loveth threatened before returning to her post.


Joy sat in the car driving her to work, going over her journey to the point she was; the point where all the staff looked up to her for food.

She rested back into the car seat remembering her journey from after Denrele left to the Present day.


The hotel had once again returned to a desert for another two months, they had occasional short-time guests who came for a few hours in the day or maximum a night.

One Day, fortune smiled on them once again when another impressive guest came to lodge for a week. He was a contractor who had come to supervise a job in the vicinity.

As usual, Ayo was the town crier, he was the announcer, he was the valuer…

“Another Money bag has landed. Fortunately, he came unaccompanied. His shoes, His Bag, His watch, something not to underestimate”

As usual, all the girls rushed to the window to feed their eyes…

“Let me run this one” Jessica said quickly

“No, you know I came here to count stones” Irene replied.

Loveth didn’t argue with them, instead she rushed to her desk, sprayed her perfume, retouched her face, and gave Paul a message.

“Paul abeg (please), go tell that witch that I must not see her anywhere in sight. Tell her she should only clean the compound while you clean the rooms”

“Loveth, you are beginning to pass your boundary, is it me you are allocating job to, are you our manager?’

“Ok, sorry Oga (Boss) Paul” She replied sarcastically “By the time the witch girl spoils this business for us, and you don’t money to take home, you will remember respect!”

The man was getting closer to the entrance. All the girls positioned themselves at different spots pretending to be doing something.

“Won’t you girls go to your department?” Loveth asked insinuating she wanted him all to herself

“This is the Showcase point, let him see all of us, so he will know his choice range” Jessica said shaking her upper body as a way of showcasing her full bosom.

“Welcome Sir to Legas Hotel & Suites” Ayo said using it to prompt the girls.

“Welcome Sir!” Loveth said reciting her usual welcome speech.

“I need the Executive Suite for 6 nights” the man concluded after loveth ended her speech.

“Do you have entertainment package here” The man asked outrightly

“What kind of entertainment are you referring to sir?”

“Entertainment Girls” he said without Mincing words.

“I am sorry, we do not have such here” Loveth replied because her Madam was very strict about prostituting girls at her hotel. Paul was only doing it as a side hustle which was always a private arrangement with the guests.

“Then I can’t stay here” The man said and was about turning away.

“I can be your entertainment girl”

Everyone at the reception turned towards where the voice came from. Loveth did not see that coming, likewise the other girls.


Paul had walked to the Utility room…

“Joy, we have a guest and Loveth sends her warning. She said you shouldn’t come out or be seen by the guest, so you will not mess up the opportunity for us to make money. She said you should concentrate on cleaning the compound, while I clean the man’s room.” Paul walked away without waiting for a reply.

Joy sat back to think about what Paul had said.

“Let me pay for my last error” Joy said knowing her Sex Power. She would use her sex power plus her brain power to get what she could get for them. Maybe this would make her get into their good books.

Joy stood up walking to the reception.

“You are a child; I don’t do Children. My daughter is your age mate. I don’t want your mother arresting me” the guest said

“There is no mother to arrest you. I am on my own” Joy said as she began to walk seductively towards him.

The other staff members were dazed beyond words. They had never seen her in that form.

Joy walked towards him…

“I stay on my own” she said emphatically

“No Father?” He asked

“No father” She assured

“No Mother?” He asked

“No Mother” She assured

“Ok… How much is the entertainment package?”

“100,000 for 5 nights” Loveth answered for her

“That’s her own charge, mine is higher… 500,000 for 5 nights” Joy cut in.

Irene, Ayo and Jessica were all perplexed.

“Oh! I see, you staff do the entertainment for the guest?” the guest asked

“Side Hustle” Loveth replied

“Can I see my options?” the Guest asked

Joy turned and gave room for Loveth. Loveth did her thing, followed by Irene and then Jessica.

“Let me have the key to my room, and I will get back to you on which package I prefer.”

The moment the guest disappeared; all eyes turned on Joy for answers.

“I want to right my wrong?” Joy replied

“No, He is mine. Get back to the utility room and don’t show your face.” Loveth said

“Loveth, if she says she wants to do it, let her do it?” Paul argued

“And let her develop cold feet when the time for real action begins. Does this one understand what Sex means? Please I don’t want anyone spoiling things for me. If Loveth is not interested, I am game oo” Jessica said

“Get back to the Utility room!” Loveth said with a note of finality in her voice.

Opeyemi Akintunde

“What do you mean I can not have her?” the man was shouting at Paul in his Executive suite.

He had been asking for Joy for three days and Loveth had told him she was unavailable as she had fallen ill. Loveth told him he could pick from any of them.

“You gave me a choice and I made my choice” he had told Loveth.

“We didn’t envisage her falling ill Sir.”

“Well, tell her to get well soon, it shouldn’t take her two days to recover. I will be waiting for her” The Guest had stormed out of the reception the morning after he had lodged. He had told Loveth he wanted Joy for the night after his day’s work, but Loveth had replied that Joy wasn’t coming to work because of an illness.

Two days had passed, and Loveth didn’t envisage the guest looking through his window and seeing Joy cleaning the pool area. Paul had walked in at that very moment and the guest had accused him and the others for trying to play a smart one on him.

“I thought she was sick”

“Erm.. Yes… She just resumed work this morning”

“That’s a lie, I have been seeing that person cleaning that place for the past three days but I never really looked closely”

“Boss, we are sorry we lied. We don’t want trouble for you. The truth is you can’t have her”

“What do you mean I cannot have her?” the guest shouted at Paul in his bedroom. “That was the basis for getting a room here. Listen if that girl does not come to my room this instant, I will check out of this hotel and I will get my money back in full.” The guest said.

Paul knew he meant every word he spoke.

“There is big problem ooo!” Paul said on getting to the reception.

“What?” Ayo asked

“The Guest wants to check out?”

That got the attention of the girls. Paul recounted all that happened.

“This girl is truly a witch” Jessica said out loud…

They heard approaching footsteps, they knew it had to be Israel, the manager. Everyone moved back to their posts.

“Loveth!” Israel shouted as he approached the reception. He noticed the others were returning to their duty posts…

“No, all of you, come back here”

“The guest called my office…” Israel was saying…

Loveth eyed Paul. He was the one in charge of removing the manager’s phone number from the rooms. The hotel pasted the number of the manager on the fridge in case any guest wanted to speak to the manager directly.

“He was saying something about entertainment package… Paul don’t tell me you are doing your package here with just one guest”

“Manager, I can explain”

“You had better, because your sack letter is waiting on my system, I just need to print it out” Israel threatened

“We are all involved ooo Manager, You will need to print out a lot of copies…” Paul said pointing at Loveth, Ayo, Irene and Jessica…

“I am not involved ooo” Ayo denied

“Are you not our Valuer? Were you not the one who told us his worth?”

“Paul, will you start talking or I go print out the letter…?”

Paul poured out everything right from Denrele’s episode till the present day…

They were all expecting the Manager to begin to scream, but all he asked was…

“Is he ready to Pay the N500,000 for the entertainment package?”

Everyone exchanged looks.

“He didn’t argue it, His shoes look like he can afford it, besides I saw his folder this morning, I think he is the one overseeing the short bridge that is been constructed at Solar Junction” Ayo the Valuer said as a matter of fact.

“Where is Joy? Get her for me” Israel said.