TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 1 & 2 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Cleaner Joy, who are you?’ Denrele asked…

“I am…” Joy was saying and Denrele wanted to hear what she had to say

“Not Innocent” Joy concluded.

“It’s obvious, but what happened? Something or someone stole that innocence?”

“Nothing. I am wired this way”

“No one is wired to be loose”

“Something must have triggered it; it could be something you are aware of or not”

“I have been this way since I can remember, I started having sex when I was five, so you see that I was born this way.”

Denrele moved back.

She had to be a demon because he was highly on heat. He wanted to lay her down on the ground and do what he knew how to do best some years back. He knew he had to fight it. He had been sexually pure for good five years, he wasn’t going to let this child destroy all the hard work of discipline.

Initially, he had thought she was an answered prayer, he thought she was God’s compensation for him for his new life in Christ. A life that took a lot of things from him.

He thought he had found his reward: a virgin. The one who he could boldly say about “I kept myself for the Lord and he gave me a pure woman”.

Unfortunately, he won’t be sharing such testimony about her. He had judged the wrong book by its good cover.

“I am sorry for the assumption” Denrele said with his head bowed as he made a turn to leave.

Joy’s heart tore once again: a feeling she was familiar with. She couldn’t tell why this hurt ran deeper.

“Maybe because he was rich and a man everyone would love to have as a husband” Joy concluded.

She watched painfully as he disappeared into the distance, but then it happened!

The feeling of wanting! The panting like a dog on heat, the salivating like a male dog that had seen a female dog on heat. Joy wanted to control herself. She wanted to win this! She had been reading books on ‘Self Control’ recently and she was hoping to escape this feeling, even if it was this one time.

Her body, even her Privates were running wild, she didn’t know when she started running up the stairs, she was literally jumping the stairs in twos and threes. In no time, she got to the fourth floor. Fortunately for her, the door was wide open.

Denrele was packing his bags, he had to run far away. Bible stated that he should flee all appearances of evil.

He had come here to write a good story. He was an author, although he wrote under a pen name, No one knew his real person. He had researched a quiet hotel and a man had told him about Joy’s hotel.

He regretted daring Joy. He had ignited the fire.

Daring girls was an old Playboy trick he used on Virgins back in the days. He knew if he dared a virgin to kiss him, she would run. That was his way of sighting innocent girls back in his playboy days. After giving his life to Christ, he had said No to Sex, and here he was Five years strong thinking God decided to give him a virgin as a wife.

“ Gbaaa!” Denrele was startled at the sound. He turned and noticed the door had been slammed shut by Joy. Denrele could see uncontrollable passion in her eyes, she was coming with so much intentionality. Denrele recognized the level of heat the girl was on, Nothing was going to stop her. If it was the Old him, he would have made a mess of her body till she would be begging for freedom, but that Him was dead, that him was buried and he wasn’t planning to resurrect that ‘him’.

That ‘him’ suffered greatly. That him almost ran mad after a sexual intercourse with a marine girl. That him was taken from one Shrine to another, from one herbalist place to another, till he cried one day to God in his Room and asked for Forgiveness, promising God he was never going to go back to the sin of sexual immorality. It was after that groaning session he received his deliverance in his room without any Pastor present. Thereafter, he found a Bible believing Church where God had been helping him to grow.

Joy pounced on him like a Lion, Denrele felt weakened, but he remembered his Oath…

“God, the day I commit sexual immorality again, that day I die”

As he kept getting weaker with every kiss and touch, he kept asking himself…

“Is this sex worth my life? Is the Pleasure of five minutes worth my life?”

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Is this sex worth my life? Is the Pleasure of five minutes worth my life?”

Those words rang loud and clear in his ears as Joy was caressing him.

“Stop it, Joy!” Denrele said sealing up his mind.

“Denrele, With God all things are Possible. You have God on the inside of you, therefore it is possible to leave this room right away without losing your purity.” Denrele preached to himself.

“Joy, I am not interested.”

Joy was not taking NO for an answer, she was all over him, grabbing anywhere possible…

“I said Stop it and get out of my room…” Denrele said firmly

“Please, you woke up something in me, please help me” Joy pleaded

“Tell that something to go back to sleep. I am sorry if I woke it up. In the name of Jesus Christ, you the Spirit of sexual Immorality in Joy’s life get out and get behind me” Denrele said

Joy moved back…

By this time, Denrele was through with packing his luggage. He picked it up and walked towards the door. Joy felt extremely calm for the first time in a long while.

“I will be praying for you Joy, Find God, He will bring you out of this Pit” Denrele walked out of the room. He felt bad he couldn’t help Joy, but his purity and sanity was more important. He couldn’t jeopardize what he had in the bid to help the girl he didn’t know from Adam. How was he sure she wasn’t an agent.

Denrele got to the ground floor quicker than he normally would have, he wanted to get as far away from the devil as he could.

He met a Smiling Paul, whose smile disappeared the moment he saw Denrele’s luggage.

“Boss, Where to?” Paul asked

The others came out from their different holes..

“Sir, what seems to be the problem?” Loveth asked looking extremely shocked

From Behind him, Joy appeared looking defeated.

Denrele looked back and saw Joy. Without replying the different questions posed at him, he walked out of the hotel.

They all followed him like a swarm of bees, except for Joy who stayed behind…

“Sir, what did she do?” Paul asked with desperation in his voice.

“Sir, was she playing hard to get? Sir, I can give you more than she can give you in a million years” Irene said

“Sir, I can help you get girls her age that will cooperate” Paul said…

Denrele didn’t utter a word, instead he looked towards the window of the hotel: he couldn’t see what was within, but he knew she would be watching, he gave her a salute.

Joy knew rain, brimstone, hail was coming for her.

She watched him salute her, and that forced out more tears.

“God! Will I continue this way?” Joy thought.

She ran to her Utility room to hide, but it wasn’t for long…

“Witch, Destroyer! Where are you? Come out!” Loveth’s angry, irritated, mad , jealous voice rang loudly…

Loveth opened the door and pulled Joy out to the reception.

“What did you do to him?” Loveth asked

“You don’t need to ask the stupid girl, I am sure the man was trying to taste her honey pot and she became selfish with it. Stupid poor girl like you. You saw big opportunity to change your life, you mess it up” Paul said. He was very mad at Joy.

“Oh Boy! Joy you messed up big time, Do you know how much that man will be worth, at least if he gave you his shoes alone, it will do something for all of us here. Trust me to do research, I researched his shoe, it cost $4,450. You know how much that is in Naira, calculate it…” Ayo said

“Ayyyy! See as this girl spoil market for us, If to say this babe run this guy for like five days, she for collect nothing less than 5 million from him, at least if all of us share am 500k each, e go get where the moni go reach for all the gbese wey pesin don get for neck” Jessica said bitterly. ( If this girl was smart enough, she would have made 5 million and each of us would have shared N500k each, that way we would settle our individual debts).

If Loveth had a gun, Joy knew it would not take her a minite to gun her down…

The reception Intercom rang.

Someone was coming!

Loveth rushed to the phone!

“Ahmed, who is there?”

“Madam and Manager”

Loveth echoed it for others. Others hurriedly left the reception to their different posts.

“Today is a good day for you, but I can’t promise you what tomorrow holds for you, if you like yourself, just pray we have another guest soon, that will give us money, if not…” Loveth threatened before returning to her post.