TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 45&46 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde

Rereloluwa moved out of the house and rented another apartment. No one knew her whereabouts.

Ifeoluwa searched for her without an end. The only thing that reassured them was her regular post on Social Media. Ifeoluwa could not tell Rere’s relative
what was happening because Rere had given him a sound warning not to do so.

Timisire was doing a good job of praying for the baby. She knew her Life was still undergoing cleansing
everyday, she therefore knew the child conceived in dirtiness and impurity was going to have traces of it.

Based on the understanding she got from one of Aunty Favour’s Message on “ Your Life And Your Foundation”. Aunty Favour had taught from the John

“Now as Jesus was passing by, He saw a man blind from birth, and His disciples asked Him,
“Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”
Aunty Favour had explained from that scripture that there were three major sources of challenges.

First, Problems and Challenges could be as a result of the sin committed by people, Which is Self inflicted

Secondly, Problems and Challenges could be as a result of the sins committed by one’s parents and

Thirdly, some Challenges and Problems can be engineered by God to show Forth His Glory.

After that service, Timisire had sat to analyze her life, she had prayed against the Devil using her against herself. She made a commitment to avoid Sin. She also prayed for Mercy for any ancestral sin or parental sin that is affecting her life. She also used it as an opportunity to pray for the baby in her womb, she disconnected the child from the punishment of ancestral sins. She knew she was from a Polygamous background with a lot of idolatry allegiance. She didn’t know Uncle Ifeoluwa’s Foundation, but she
prayed about it regardless.

Prayers like this were her daily pills:
1) Oh Lord Cleanse my foundation and my baby’s foundation in Jesus name!

2) Lord, Deliver me from the consequences of my Polygamous foundation.

3) God, reveal your Glory through my presentPredicament. Let testimonies be the end of my challenges.

Timisire also took it upon herself to keep praying forRereloluwa and Her Husband. She Kept praying for
her to encounter Christ who will give her Grace to accept what has happened.

Rereloluwa was already getting too close to her new neighbor. She knew she was doing things wrongly, but
she just wanted to get over Ifeoluwa. Ifeanyi, her new neighbor was a smooth talker who had made it a duty to be her best friend she didn’t ask for.

She was sure of herself that she wasn’t going to have sexual intercourse, she was so sure of it, not until one day, Ifeanyi had sweettalked her to the point of laying on her in her bedroom.
Ifeanyi was about to get down with her when she heard a voice in her Spirit…

“What makes you any different from your husband? Can you see that anyone can mess up?”

Rereloluwa burst into tears…

“Stand Up Please!” She pushed him off her and ran to the door of her flat. She opened the door and asked him to leave.

“God! I am sorry“ was all she wailed for an hour on her knees.

Just Like Timisire had said about herself, Rere also acknowledged about herself that she was saved but still Bound. The Spirit of Anger and Unforgiveness had her in chains.

She knew she had to return home.

Opeyemi Akintunde

Ifeoluwa was surprised to see Rereloluwa. He wept on seeing her. There was no need for words. They rushed to hug each other, and that moment they enjoyed intimacy in each other’s hand like never before…

Timisire was eight months gone when Ifeoluwa andRereloluwa paid her a visit. Timisire was so happy to see them, she could see that God had answered her
prayers. She saw fresh love for each other in their eyes.

“Timisire, if the offer still stands, we would love to have the child after delivery.”

“Yes ma, the offer still stands. God told me the Baby is not mine. I will still have my child with my Husband.”
Timisire smiled.

“Husband?” The Rere that was found of teasing Timisire Resurfaced “There is a husband in the Picture already?”

“No ooo, I am just speaking about the future. After the Baby, I would like to focus on my Education. I will
love to go back to School, write the West African Examination and by God’s Grace gain admission to study English and Literary Studies.”

“Wow, you have it all figured out.”

“Yes, I think I want to use my Writing Skills to teach and preach” Timisire smiled.

“ I am not only birthing your Baby, but I am also birthing the new Me. God
has used these months to prepare me for His launching.”

Rereloluwa hugged Timisire. Without any doubt, She was a different Person.

The cry of the Baby sounded like Halleluyah in Timisire’s ears.

“ Timisire, you are the first person I will see to be smiling when giving birth” The midwife said to Timisire even though the tears from the pain of delivery could be seen flowing down her cheeks, but
she was smiling from ear to ear…

“God has just helped me to birth two people right now?”

“Two? You have only a beautiful girl”

“The second person that has been birthed today is the real me, the real me that died from my childhood. The
real me that was killed by Polygamous Witchcraft. I am here Now. I am here now! I am here to manifest.
My time has come.”

Timisire wept for joy. She knew she was free!

Timisire attended the Naming ceremony of Aunty Rere and Uncle Ifeoluwa’s Baby. She was named OLUWAJUEDALO (God is greater that humans). She
saw the Joy in their eyes.

Six Months Later

Rereloluwa invited Timisire over and they shared the good news of them expecting their child. Timisire was

“ That doesn’t change the fact that Jeda is our first child, we just thought to share the news with you.”

“Praise God!” Timisire answered excitedly.

“One More thing, Timisire we would love to sponsor your education to any level you desire, you are still
our daughter”

Timisire could not believe her ears. That had been her prayer for months. She was praying for God to send a
sponsor to her at the Lighthouse, and here was the answer to her prayer.

“Thank you Sir, thank you Ma! Thank you God!”