TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 43 & 44 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde

Madam Favour was extremely tired, but she knew she couldn’t let Timisire go to bed without having the necessary conversation with her.

She sent for her.

“Hello Timisire”

“Good evening ma”

“How do you feel?”

“Tired, confused, sad.”

“ Why is that?’

“ When you were praying for me, I saw myself having a beautiful house with my name on it, and then I was about entering the house, I noticed the entrance to the house was messed up, with so much dirt and muddy footprints. I walked in and I was shocked to see close to 50 men making the house messy.”

Madam Favour knew what it meant. The Entrance that was messy was her private part, the entrancethrough which different men have had sex with her.

The men in that house were the Spirit of the men she must have slept with, but When Madam Favourthought about the number of men she saw: about 50
men, Favour knew she wanted to hear from her. She wanted to link the dog meat vision to her, she wanted
to be sure if she was dealing with the same person.

“Timisire, tell me about you, so I can Help you, Is your name Motunrayo?”

Timisire’s shock could not be hidden.

“You come from a royal family?”

Timisire ‘s eyes were wide opened.

“You have uncontrollable desire for sex?”

That was the straw that broke the Camel’s back.

Timisire cried out in tears…

“No One has ever found me out like this before, Who are you ma?”

“I am just a child of God, Doing the greater works than Jesus Did. Jesus spoke to the Samaritan Woman
by the well, she was initially bottled up and not willing to relate with Jesus, But Jesus used the Grace of the Prophetic to tell her all about herself, it was after that she dropped her walls and became a useful tool in the hands of God.

Timisire, I just told you about yourself
using the Prophetic Grace, that’s how far I can help you if you do not show the sign of surrendering to God by Opening up, so we can know the right prayers to

Timisire broke down in tears. She wept for over twenty minutes. In that twenty minutes, she was removing the locks she put in place to hide her true

“My Name is Princess Motunrayo….” Timisire said all including the last sexual intercourse she had with

“I feel so bad betraying my helper?” Timisire cried bitterly.

“I know you do, but it is not totally your fault, you were not Spiritually on fire to cripple the tormenting power.”

“I want to be on fire” Timisire said with tears. “Help me ma. Please ma, I don’t want to return to Aunty Rere’s family. Please Let me stay here and be free
totally from the sexual addiction.”

“You are free to stay here as long as you want.”

“Thank you Ma.”

‘You want to stay here?” Rere was surprised.

“Yes ma, this place is helping me grow”
Rere nodded in agreement, although her eyes became teary. Timisire hugged her tightly…

“Aunty, see me as a sick person that needs healing, Let me get healed first, and then we will be together again

‘ Ok, If it makes you happy” Rere concluded

“ I have hurt you, I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me” Timisire said . She was talking about Sleeping with Uncle Ifeoluwa, but Rereloluwa did not
get it.

“No, you didn’t offend me my baby” Rereloluwa saidsmiling.

Madam Favour Saw that Timisire was about to blurt out the truth about sleeping with her helper’s husband,
Favour smiled knowing that babes in Christ would always be in a rush to restitute their ways, but they fail
to understand that there is need for Wisdom in restitution.

Madam Favour walked behind Rereloluwa and signaled to Timisire not to utter any statement.

Timisire understood the sign.

Rereloluwa left after spending three hours at the Lighthouse.

“Why did you stop me from telling her the truth? You taught us to refrain from telling lies.”

“I didn’t refrain you from telling the truth, I refrained you from telling the truth at the wrong time” Madam Favour replied.

“Telling the truth at the wrong time?’ Timisire asked.

“If you told her about what happened between you and her husband now, you can send her to her early grave. Firstly, she is presently suffering from the heartache of losing you, Secondly she will be so hurt hearing you slept with her husband. I can tell you her heart will not be able to handle it.”

“Will there ever be a time to handle it?”

“Yes, and the best way to handle this kind of issue is to tell an adult you trust. It is the adult that will determine how to go about it. In this case, you have
informed me about it. The Lord will teach us how to go about it.

Opeyemi Akintunde

Timisire was growing no doubt, she wanted God so much it was evident. Ever since she started setting her
life on fire, the strange sexual hunger died. She spent more time studying the Scriptures than using her phone.

She joined the Prayer Squad team at the Lighthouse and every midnight, she joined them for the three hours daily prayers. She felt light and joyful.

Her constant Prayer was for God to clean her up and sanctify her body for Him to dwell fully in her.

Two months had passed, and all was well until Timisire became very ill. Doctor Jemima carried out the Pregnancy test and it turned out Positive.

Timisire’s life crashed.

“How could she be Pregnant for Ifeoluwa, Her Helper’s husband?” Timisire thought.

She knew he was the last person she slept with.

“Aunty Favour, Why is God doing this with me?I thought Life with Christ was to be without Crises, Why am I in a new Crises? Why? Why is God Unfair to
me? Is he trying to make me reap the consequences of the sins I have committed in the Past. I have asked
and pleaded for Forgiveness.”

“God is not Punishing you, All things works together for your Good If you believe. Timisire, If you Believe God can do you no wrong, if you trust God enough to Know that God permits darkness to precede Light.

Believe that in this, God will be Glorified.

Rereloluwa never missed two Saturdays in a month.

She didn’t notice Timisire’s Pregnancy until Timisire was four Months gone. She had said suddenly.

“Timisire you are getting more Chubby, Slow down on your eating.”Madam Favour knew the Time was here.

By the next day, which was Sunday, Madam Favour and Timisire decided to pay Rereloluwa a visit. On
getting there, the moment Ifeoluwa saw her, He was very scared, Sweat broke out on his forehead.

Immediately, he said he was going out for a short walk.

“Please can you just give us fifteen Minutes” Madam Favour pleaded.
Ifeoluwa sat reluctantly.

“Thank you Sir!” Madam Favour said.
When Rere and her husband were comfortably seated, Madam Favour Spoke…

“I know a girl who was born with so much Glory, shecame from a Polygamous home. On the day she was named, the priest said all that the baby would become.

This got one of her Stepmothers Angry. The Anger led her into making a charm out of Dog meat for thechild, Ever since that happened the girl started becoming promiscuous; sleeping around .”

Rere and Ife were expectant of where the story was heading to .

“That Girl is Timisire.”

The two were shocked.

“You have remembered what happened to you” Rere asked ignorantly.

Timisire nodded…

“Mrs. Rere, why have you been denying your husband his conjugal right?” Madam Favour asked directly.

She had seen a Flash of it Spiritually.

Rere was shocked…She felt exposed.

“He got me angry because of what he said.”

“And you have been making him suffer for over twoyears?”

“I was hurt by his Words.”

“ In Marriage, hurting each other is not outside the box of marriage, it is normal but what is abnormal is
to hold on to such offenses”

Rere broke into tears. She Loved Ifeoluwa with all her heart, but from the day he had insulted her because of their childlessness, that love had been ripped out of her heart.

“You have to let go and be a beautiful couple.”

“I forgive him”

“Thank you ma, however there is More?”

The atmosphere was thick with tension.

“Like I told you, Timisire was under a spell for many years, unfortunately, her Spell worked on your husband.”

Rere didn’t understand.


“There was a moment of sexual misbehavior between Timisire and Mr. Ifeoluwa. Please note it was not the
fault of either of them, they were just used by the devil.”

Rereloluwa screamed and simultaneously blocked her ears. She didn’t want to believe what she was hearing.

She jumped up and held Ifeoluwa by his collar…

“Because, I didn’t let you have your way with me, you raped Timisire?’ Rereloluwa said.

“I didn’t rape her, I don’t know what came over me. I am very sorry Babe!”

Madam Favour went close to her trying to calm her down.

“Leave Me, Madam. Get out of my house!”

“Timisire, I took you as my own child, I took you in, and you turned against me. Get out of here”

“Madam, we will get out, but one thing you need to know is that in Life’s disappointment God can still
make it an appointment with destiny. Timisire is already with Child for your husband, and we have spoken at length, Timisire is ready to give you both
the child on delivery. She will have no claim to the child.”

The entire room went quiet. Ifeoluwa and Rereloluwa looked towards Her Stomach and noticed the bulge.

Rereloluwa sat into the chair crying profusely. She was crying at her failure as a woman. It is now obvious
that Ifeoluwa was not the one with the infertility issue instead, she was the barren woman. Her husband slept with Timisire just once, but he had been sleeping with her for years.

Ifeoluwa forgot his shame, and walked in a daydreaming manner towards Timisire…

“ Timisire , you are carrying my Child?’ he asked with tears of Joy pouring down his face

“No, I am not carrying your Child, I am carrying Aunty Rere’s Child for her.”
Timisire walked to Rereloluwa where she sat…

“Aunty Rere, God knows that you would have been the last person in the World I would have wanted to hurt, you showed me love, you picked me from the gutter
and gave me a good life. I ran away after the act had been committed in the church, I could not dare look you in the face, I could not stand the fact that I had betrayed you even though it was beyond my power.

Aunty Rere, in my twenty years on earth I have slept with over 50 men. That should tell you, this is not something I do for fun, I have been plagued by the
dog Spirit. Though I lived with your Christian Family and was attending service, I was not yet delivered.

When Jesus Called Lazarus from the grave, Lazarus came out but was still bound with the grave clothes. It
was after he got out, that Jesus asked them to remove the grave clothes that was used to bound him. A person can be a Christian and still be bound. That was my case when I was living with you. I was vibrant in church but right there in my room over there, I would
masturbate. So what I had with your husband was not a pleasurable thing, instead it was part of my bondage

God has decided to loosen my bound by sending me to the Lighthouse. I experienced the deliverance power
of God. For the past four months, my sexuality has become normal, I don’t become raving mad at the sight of men. I am free. I was enjoying my freedom and new life forgetting the former things, but then this blessing popped out of nowhere.

At first I saw it as a curse, but then I inquired of the Lord and He asked
me to give you your child after delivery. I will not claim the child as mine. He/she belongs to you.”

Rereloluwa tears flowed without stopping….

“The child is not mine…tell God to give me Mine”

Rereloluwa said before walking to her room and shutting the door behind her.