TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 39&40 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde.

Agnes felt like someone was pulling something out of her. It was very life threatening for her…

” Any age long battle traveling with me in the journey of my life from my cradle years, enough is enough, alight from the vehicle of my life and die in the name of Jesus Christ..” Madam Favour called out the prayer as led by the HolySpirit…

It felt like Fire dropped on most of the young ones in the program.

Andrew began to run round the hall, his eyes were tightly shut, yet he was running past people without hitting them. Timisire was in awe, she wondered how he could see without opening his eyes ..

” Fire of God, locate the foundation of these ones and pull out age long battles in Jesus name..” Madam Favour continued

Andrew had to be held down because of the speed at which he was running round the room. Timisire was still baffled, because his eyes were tightly shut , yet he was not running into anyone. It seemed like he had invisible eyes through which he was seeing…

” I Will not leave, I was contracted to stay here” A voice spoke from within Andrew..

” Who are you foul Spirit?” Uncle Chuks asked

” I am the Spirit of reproach and I also specialise in magnetizing problems into his life” the foul Spirit replied…

Favour who was still praying for Agnes, was intercepted in the Spirit realm with an information about Andrew.

Favour found herself in an ancient room, with a woman carrying a new born. Another woman walked in..

” Aburo mii ( My younger one), your baby sister is here” the mother of the child said to the visitor who worked in.

” Yes ooo, our baby is here” Favour watched how the visitor danced in joy, but It was obvious that she was very unhappy.

” My baby has arrived” she said dancing.
She took the baby into her hands and was dancing with the baby. She began to shed tears and the teardrops were falling on the baby and Favour could hear the thoughts of her heart…

” Your mother made me a barren woman, now she is bearing children. I curse you and your mother that your life will constantly be swimming in problems, it will be from one problem to another.” She said within herself with so much pain…

” This curse will stand, I use the blood of the innocent children your mother made me abort after using me as a prostitute to feed her family as a legal ground for this curse to work”

Favour saw flashes of what the woman was referring to…

She saw two sisters, One was married, while the younger one wasn’t. The elder one was encouraging her younger sister to prostitute herself and whatever money she got, the elder one would use it to cook for herself, her husband, her husband’s younger brothers and the younger sister concerned.

Favour saw that on several occasions, the elder one has taken the younger one for abortions.

Favour shook her head in pity. She realized Andrew was the baby and his life was operating under a curse. It began to make sense to her, why Andrew was always the one involved in one casualty or the other all the time… His life was always magnetizing problems…

” Amen ..There are two prayer points I want you all to pray right now. It is specifically for one person, but who knows you also may need to pray this…You will shout this loud and clear…

Powers magnetizing problems to me all the time, enough is enough, your end has come, Oh Lord, by the blood of Jesus detach me completely from problems in Jesus name.”

The Lighters prayed aggressively…..

” Amen….The second prayer goes thus, Powers punishing me for the errors of my parents, Mercy of God vindicate me and release me from the punishment in Jesus name ”

As the lighters continued to pray, Favour moved closer to Uncle Chuks and whispered to him. Favour knew Uncle Chuks’ strength was in decreeing a thing and it was immediately established. He had authority in his tongue…

” Those prayers are specifically for him, there is a curse over his head constantly pushing him towards evil.” Favour said

” Pray against every satanic receiver or magnet of problems planted in his life to make his life a constant landing place for problems”. Madam Favour said…

After informing Uncle Chuks, she moved back to the podium. She couldn’t help but feel bad for Andrew and people like him. She thought about how some people just realize that things are not going well for them, they realize it is from one problem to another, many of them won’t understand why it seems problems seems attracted to them.

Such people tend to enter wrong relationships , some go into wrong businesses and investments, some are hated for no just cause. It is because there is a curse of repeated problems over their life.

” Lord, deliver me and my family from powers that have programmed problems on repeat in my life in Jesus name” Favour muttered to herself…

” Go to Agnes, I want to separate her completely from the strong man today, she has suffered too much from his hands. Yesterday, she touched me with her seed.” Favour heard her Father say to her.

She wondered what the seed was. In response to her question, the HolySpirit reminded her of the anonymous money they received in the Lighthouse bank account, with the description “FIRSTFRUIT”.

“Oh Wow! Agnes was the one who sent that money! Wow! ….Oh Lord, Give me Grace not to withhold from you what will spur my deliverance and freedom in Jesus name” Favour prayed…

Agnes was about to be delivered!

Opeyemi Akintunde

Madam Favour returned to Agnes. Agnes was holding her stomach; she was in pain. Her lower
abdomen was on fire. It felt like her stomach had been placed on fire, she had the sudden urge to pass out excreta.

” I want to poo” Agnes said out loud… There was an urgency in her voice that couldn’t be ignored. Tina didn’t waste time in pulling her from the ground and
whisking her off to the toilet close by.

The moment Agnes sat on the toilet seat, She released her bowel, excreta so black and smelly gushed out
from the excreta gate… Agnes wanted to run out of the toilet, she couldn’t believe the offensive smell oozing out from her. The smell however had a bit of familiarity to it.

The man in her dreams….

Yes, she remembered the man who was always molesting her in her dream with his long manhood, the smell from him was buried in the smell of the

Tina ran far away from the toilet, the smell from the toilet was killing…

“Jesus! What kind of offensive smell is this?” Tina said to herself.

A storm-like feeling hit Tina, and she found herself in a beautiful house. Tina had the gift of seeing into the
future, while Favour had the gift of seeing into the past and present. Tina walked around the Living room, she saw the portrait of an older version of Agnes on
the wall. She saw a family Portrait of Agnes and a handsome gentleman. She looked around for pictures
of Children but couldn’t find any. Then she saw Agnessitting on the chair crying.

“God, when will I carry my Baby? It’s been 25 years, I am tired!” Agnes wailed. Buried in her wailing was the
cry of some children.

Tina could hear the cry of some children. She followed the cries and the voices led her
to Agnes’s matrimonial bedroom. Tina was shocked to see a very strong man holding onto three children.

The three children were trying to get to the
matrimonial bed, but he had them bound.

“ What are you doing?” Tina asked the Strong man

“ Are you blind?” the man answered angrily “ Why will she have children for a man other than me?”

Tina immediately understood that the three children trying to get to Agnes’ bed were the children she ought to have birthed but the man was definitely a Spirit husband hindering the children.

Tina snapped out of the revelation.

Tina immediately knew the excreta must be the sp€rm of the Spirit husband deposited in the womb of Agnes.

She was familiar with the operation of the Spirit husbandbecause she herself had suffered greatly in the hands
of one. Thank God for the gift of Prayers, she had prayed through for her deliverance. She knew the prayer that she ought to tell Agnes to Pray.

She went back into the toilet, not minding the smell…


“Yes, Aunty Tina… I am sorry for this offensive smell”

“Never Mind! It is the deposit of darkness rushing out of your body as a result of the prayers. I want you to pray this prayer… Wicked Powers violating my body
in my sleep and depositing rubbish in me to hinder God’s glory in my life, Fire of God destroy them and
push out all their deposits from my life in Jesus name.” Tina said

“Ok Ma!” Agnes replied.
Agnes started praying with all her strength, and the more she Prayed, the more the excreta was released.

Fifteen minutes later, she walked out of the toilet
feeling very light. It felt like a truckload of rubbish had been cleared out of her body.

“How do you feel?” Tina Asked

“I feel very Light!” Agnes replied.

“Praise God!”

“Aunty , How can a man sleep with me in my sleep be depositing rubbish in me and physically I will poo
it out!”

“My dear, those are Kingdom mysteries. That is what happens to a lot of women who have fibroid, blocked
fallopian tube, some of them are deposits of the Spirit Husband in their lives. From now, Agnes, you need to
set your life constantly on fire. No ant can play with fire, when your life is on constant Fire, No Spirit husband will have the boldness to come to you in your sleep to Molest or violate you.”

“Yes ma, how can I be more on Fire?” Agnes asked.

She was not a Spiritual Baby, but she had not been very faithful in her walk with God. Her Spiritual life felt like it was controlled by a Switch. There were
times when she was on Fire and other times her
Spiritual life was Ice.

“ Galatians 4:1-3 gives the answer to that, it says

“ What I am saying is that as long as an heir is a child, he is no different from a slave, although he owns the whole estate.’ The first verse tells us about Spiritual Growth, We Christians are heirs ,

We are the Children of God, but as long as we remain as babies in Spiritual things , we are slaves. Verse three explains better by saying ‘

As long as we remain as babies, we were in slavery under the elemental Spiritual forces’ So Agnes, as long as you do not grow or take your Spiritual Life
growth serious, you will continue to be a slave to these evil forces. That is to say, setting your life on fire is Growing.

It is eating Scriptures on a daily basis, it is Praying on a daily basis, it is living a fasting life.

Agnes grow so you don’t groan under the torment of the evil Spiritual Forces.”

Agnes had never heard a message on Spiritual growth in that light. She rededicated her life to Christ that moment by herself and as well made a vow to set her
life on Fire…

“Oh Lord, help me to grow Spiritually, so I don’t groan under the oppressing and tormenting hands of the evil ones in Jesus name.”