TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 37&38 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde.

Jesus! Jesus!” Andrew exclaimed. He knew the consequences of s€xual immorality. He knew fornication was going to reduce him, it was going to sap out his Spiritual energy and strength.

As Timisire was unbuckling his belt, the picture of the nights he had travailed in prayers for Spiritual growth flashed before him, he remembered the days he had fasted in pain for Spiritual growth. He couldn’t lose all the power he had prayed down from heaven.

“No! I refuse to lose all that I have gained in Christ. I receive strength to resist you in Jesus name.” Andrew said out Loud and pushed Timisire off him. Surprisingly he was able to push her off him…

Layomi got to them. She got there in time to see Andrew push Timisire off him. Andrew ran off immediately he got free of her.

“ This girl is an agent of darkness, first she wanted to kill me with hot water, that did not work, now she almost lured me into fornication. Layomi stay off” Andrew said as he ran off

Timisire tried to run after him, but Layomi pulled her back…

“Leave me ! We have to complete what we have started. I will run mad if we do not finish.” Timisire Cried.

Layomi’s teenage mind was perplexed at Timisire’s statement. She didn’t need anyone to tell her there were strange forces at work.

“ Calm Down Timisire! I speak Peace into your Spirit in Jesus Name. The Spirit of immorality loses its hold over your life right now in Jesus name.” Layomi began to speak in tongues.

Miss Tina eventually showed up…

“What is happening?
Miss Tina asked.

Madam Favour Stepped out of her office, she was drenched in sweat. She had heard from the Lord. An emergency Fire session should happen. Latiife was in sight.

“ Latiife!” Madam Favour Called out.

“ Yes Aunty Favour!” Latiife ran towards her.

“ Get me Aunty Tina please.”

Latiife ran off.


“ You are right! That’s what we need! God has revealed to you what was almost happening at the back of the hall” Tina said

“ Oh really? What was about to happen?”

“ Two teens were about to commit the act of fornication”

“ Oh ! then let us get to it fast. Please assemble all the Lighters to the hall for the emergency Operation God is about to Perform today. Things are about to happen tonight.” Madam Favour said confidently.

Timisire was still shaking visibly as they sat in the hall.

“ Let’s begin to Appreciate God for a great day” Madam Favour said as she stepped on to the podium.

Timisire knew the devotion must have something to do with her, because it was coming unusually early.

She looked around for Andrew and she saw him where he sat in a corner curled up muttering words to himself. There was so much shame and disappointment written all over him.

‘” I am sorry” Timisire mouthed to him when their eyes met, but he looked away.

“ The lord prompted me this evening to address the Spirit of Lust, it’s possible the devil is brewing something against us, or we already have the seed in our midst, Right now I want you all to raise your hands, surrendering to the Almighty, acknowledging him as the Omnipotent over your life.”

All the Lighters started praying… Timisire watched as Vanessa came into the Hall. Vanessa was one of the teenagers who worked outside the Lighthouse. The moment she sighted Timisire, she could tell something was wrong. She found a seat close to Timisire. She didn’t want to cause a distraction, so she also mouthed the question…

“ Are you good?”

Timisire nodded in the affirmative. She wasn’t telling a lie, because in the real sense she was feeling surprisingly good. When Layomi had prayed for her before Aunty Tina came, she felt a certain rain of peace pouring on her. Her body was shaking in response to the Cold shower of peace.

“ S€x is a welding force, Bible says that a man shall leave his father and Mother and shall cleave unto his wife. That cleaving is a welding force. S€x welds s€xual partners together, their souls become one.

No wonder Scripture tells us that he who joins himself with a prostitute has become one with her… The prostitute here represents anyone who is not your Husband or wife.

Imagine you sleeping with someone who has slept with 15 boys or 15 girls, automatically you have welded your soul with the soul of fifteen other people.

What makes this terrible is that, you will begin to exhibit habits, characters that are alien to you.

Your soul begins to pick up traits from the other souls welded to it. Not only that , you will begin to experience some of the emotions of the person or people your soul has been welded with.

Some people suddenly begin to have depression or mood swings without a cause or they begin to exhibit anger . What they fail to understand is that some of the people their souls are welded with , may be experiencing depression or may have anger issues likewise.

The Hall was silent…

“ Listen S€x doesn’t start in one day, it starts from the thoughts of your heart. It starts from you opening the door of your heart to several things like pornography videos, lustful thoughts about someone, e.t.c,

It is therefore important to guard our heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. What this means is that, there are more important and delicate issues to occupy your heart like…?”

“The Word of God”

“ Purpose”

“ Education”

“ Impact”

The Lighters gave different answers to Madam Favour’s question. This topic of S€xual Purity was not new to them, except Timisire.

Timisire felt like she had been looking at S€x through a misty windscreen, but with Madam Favour’s explanation, she was dumbstruck.

“ How many people have I welded my soul with?” Timisire asked within herself

Tears poured down her cheeks, the answer to that was soul wrenching.

“ Let everyone rise up”

Opeyemi Akintunde.

Timisire watched in horrific amazement how the girl was vibrating on the floor…Fear overtook her and she began to cry.

“Layomi, what is happening?” In Rere’s church, there was nothing of such. Whenever they saw clips like this on the T.V back at Rere’s house, they were quick to laugh and call the church a scam center. They didn’t believe in violent manifestations. Their belief is that God is a gentle Spirit Who doesn’t have to shake or throw people on the ground before they get their deliverance..

” Deliverance!” Layomi replied in a whisper.

” Deliverance? Does Deliverance have to be horrific like this? I believe God can deliver a person without hitting them on the floor!” Timisire argued..

” When you want to uproot a deeply rooted tree from the ground, do you remove calmly?” Layomi asked

” No, you forcefully pull it out!” She replied

” Yes, when you want to pull things out, there will be a shaking and pulling… The power of God is pulling out the strangers from her life, besides invaders, thieves do not leave a place until there is a fight” Layomi explained

” Ha! Ha!” The girl was screaming with tears pouring out of her eyes…


Agnes couldn’t control her body. She could not stop the vibration. Her body was vibrating on its own. Her private part was on fire. She felt like something was trying to come out of it forcefully..but it was adamantly stuck…

” FIRE” She kept screaming. Her private part was literally on fire ..

” Help me! There is fire there?” Agnes cried

Miss Tina and other female mistresses walked towards her. They started ministering to her…


Madam Favour shut her eyes tightly and she was transported to the Spirit realm. There was a dirty looking man messing up Agnes in the Spirit realm. He looked half human and half Spirit as he had a long tail. His manh00d was also very long and irritatingly it was stuck in Agnes’ private part. As the man was forcefully having intercourse with Agnes, instead of the usual human sp€rm , the liquid been released was very painful and blackish.

” Jesus!” Madam Favour exclaimed…


Madam Favour Opened her eyes sharply.

” Lighters it is time to pray this prayer loud and clear…Flushing Power of the Most High, enter into my Life and push out all forms of darkness residing in me in Jesus’name…”

There was a loud re echoing of the prayer and the next thirty minutes was serious work for the masters and mistresses of the Lighthouse.