TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 35&36 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde.

“Vessel of Casualties are human vessels the devil uses to carry out his evil work. An example is Judas from the scriptures, the Scriptures says, the devil prompted Judas to betray Jesus. Judas was not a bad man, his heart was not just right. He became the Vessel of casualty. And Christ said Woe to the one the devil was about to use to betray him. That is to Say that, when the devil uses you to wreck havoc in people’s lives, there is no good reward for you, instead it is woe and self-destruction that ends the journey of such a person.

For instance, If a girl goes about sleeping with different boys or married men, it is not just the devil using her body to drain virtues from men, but he is depositing woe into her body. A lot of young girls who have become addicted to sex end up committing suicide as a result of self condemnation, some go into cutting of themselves, e.t.c, guys who get involved in fraud , end up as vessels of casualties ripping people of their blood and sweat. They are unaware of the fact that the devil is also debiting their future wealth. They end up spending up the money they ought to have in their future in their present, consequently in the nearest future, when they ought to be enjoying their wealth, the devil comes asking for the money they stole in their younger years.”

“ Hmm… “ Timisire was blown away by the explanation. She didn’t ask to be preached to, but Layomi had preached to her and mentioned her case like she knew her.

“ So as you stay here, you get closer to Christ, Christ begins to work on you. Christ is the Light and this is one of His places;the Lighthouse. When you are here, and you submit to the Lord, He will remove every dark energy from your life and replace it with his Light energy.”

Timisire was convinced.

“ How can this place help a girl who has insatiable hunger for sex?” Timisire Unashamedly asked

“ We have had testimonies of sexual addictions losing its grips on people right here at the Lighthouse. The man behind the Lighthouse vision; Mr Chuks was a sex slave but today he is free. Madam favour was also the Victim of Premarital sex and the consequences. Timisire be vulnerable to the Light and let the light chase away every darkness in your life.”

“Thanks…” Timisire said. Could she give this LIGHTHOUSE a try? Was it possible that this Lighthouse would chase away her inner demons and make her live a normal and good life? She questioned herself.

“ Which room is yours?”

“Vanessa’s room” Timisire replied

“ Oh! You are in Charis room, a.k.a the neat girls’ room” Layomi joked.“ I stay in ZOE, feel free to check on me anytime” Layomi said.

“ Thank you for lifting my Spirit”.

Madam Favour decided not to push Timisire for answers about who she was. She believed she would come around, also meeting Rereloluwa gave her a bit of peace about Timisire.

Andrew avoided Timisire liked a plague when he returned from the hospital. He nursed bitterness in his heart against her, but coincidentally the topic at the cell fellowship was on “Letting go of hurts”. He and Timisire had been put together in the same Cell unit. He was therefore sitting opposite her at the weekly Fellowship cell meeting three days after the water incident.

He saw how she looked at him with guilt in her eyes. She avoided looking at him.

When he saw the guilt in her eyes, he felt bad for treating her like an evil being.

After the cell fellowship, he walked up to her…

” Hello, my name is Andrew”

” I am Timisire, and I am sorry about the hot water. I am sorry for being a vessel of casualty”

” No problem, next time don’t be too deep in thought, cast your cares upon the Lord” Andrew said smiling ” I also need to ask for your forgiveness” Andrew Continued

” Forgiveness? You didn’t offend me.”

” I did, I spoke negatively about you behind your back, I even called you an agent of darkness. I am sorry about that.”

” It’s okay, even sometimes I think that about myself too” Timisire said

Andrew paused to catch up on the last words…

” Why would you think that about yourself?” A puzzled Andrew asked

” It’s a long story”

“Fortunately, I have nowhere to go this evening” Andrew took two chairs to a corner beckoning on Timisire.

” Sit please!”

” Thank you.”

” I am all ears”

” I have a problem with sex” Timisire said In a whisper

” Oh!” Andrew knew by all standards he ought to stop the conversation. They had been taught at the LIGHTHOUSE not to feed sexual talks and if there was the need for sexual advice, the advice must come from someone who is the same sex be it their mate or from an elder.

” Yes, It feels like I have a demon in me who rears its ugly head when I am around handsome guys like you” Timisire found herself flirting all of a sudden. She didn’t plan it.

” God, what am I doing?” Timisire asked. She wanted to caution herself but it was hard. She suddenly started having the yearning to kiss Andrew.

Andrew didn’t know what came over him… He was suddenly overtaken by the rush of sexual longing…

” Can we go somewhere more quiet, it is noisy here” Andrew offered…

Timisire simply nodded.

Timisire wanted to cry. She knew what was going to happen any moment, but she didn’t have the will power to kill the drive…

” Please…” She managed to mutter, but Andrew didn’t hear her

” God I want to be free, I want to stop this, please…” She cried in her heart…

Andrew was leading her to somewhere, she could tell he was not in his right senses, her demon had hypnotized him.

” Timisire!” She heard someone calling her name and thankfully it was Layomi….

Timisire hoped Layomi was going to stop her from being a vessel of casualty… Did she have the power to stop this demon in her…

Opeyemi Akintunde.

“Where are you guys headed?” Layomi asked

” We want to do something at the back of the hall” Andrew said

” What?” Layomi asked

” We want to play” Andrew said

” Play? What kind? Race or Hand Wrestling?

” Body Wrestling!” Andrew replied figuratively.

” Oh! I have never heard of that, How do you play that? Can I come with you guys?”: Layomi asked

” No, two of us is just perfect.” Andrew said pulling Timisire with him.

Layomi stood transfixed. She could tell that something was up.

She ran back to the hostel, she needed to call an elder’s attention to what was happening.

Fortunately, she bumped into Aunty Tina.

“Aunty Tina, I have something suspicious to report”


” I saw Andrew and the new girl going to the back of the hall and I could feel a bit of sexual tension in the air.”

“Oh really! Take me to where they are exactly?”

” Ok ma”

The rush came suddenly on Timisire. She tried controlling the strong rush but her walls came crumbling down.

Madam Favour was praying in her office, when she heard the HolySpirit say to her…
” Pray against the spirit of Lust.”

Favour stood up and began to pray in tongues and in her understanding.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds… I pull down you stronghold of Lust in the Lighthouse in Jesus name. You Spirit of Lust, you have no hold over any child or teenager here. Jesus is the Lord and master here, therefore peradventure you are resident in the life of any child here, I cast you out of here in Jesus name. Let the broom of Fire sweep you out in Jesus name. I cut off your hold off that person in Jesus name.”

” Stop it! What are you doing? What are we doing here?” Andrew said all of a sudden as he and Timisire were about to Kiss each other…

It felt like his senses suddenly was restored, but on the other hand Timisire was no longer herself…She was heated up and was not going to stop until Andrew was lying on top of her…

” Casting down sexual imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; I cast down this sexual thought in our heads and hearts in Jesus name…” Andrew said in a rush as he tried to push Timisire off him… They had been taught to recite 2 Cor 10:4-5 whenever they were having sexual thoughts…

Madam Favour is pacing around in her office and praying frantically…

” Casting down sexual imaginations in the hearts of the children and teenagers of the Lighthouse, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, . ..Nothing evil takes up the mind of the Lighters. The Knowledge of God takes over their minds in Jesus name…Scriptures says bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; I bring into captivity every negative or lustful thoughts any Lighter is nursing towards another Lighter in Jesus name…I exalt the thoughts of Christ, purpose and destiny in Jesus name.. They are compelled to Obey Christ in Jesus name” Madam Favour prayed…

Andrew is trying to pull away from Timisire but Timisire’s hold is surprisingly strong for him to pull away. To Andrew, It felt like 10 men had joined hands with her.

” Jesus! Jesus!” Andrew called out to God for help…

” Aunty Tina, Chioma is vomitting…” Anita called out to Tina and Layomi, thereby distracting them from where they were headed…