TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 31&32 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde.

“Your Daughter has found the light, this time around I saw her surrounded by great light. Queen, even if you never set your eyes on your child again, be rest assured that as we speak she is doing well.”

“ Yes, I had a dream. I saw her entering a gate and written above the gate was “ THE LIGHTHOUSE” Aduke confirmed

“ It may not mean a physical place, it may mean she has become a Christian too. Christ is Light, so Lighthouse is Christ.”

“ If that is the case, That means we should pray that she returns home?”

“ Ha! Don’t make the mistake most parents make, some mothers out of love for their children begin to pray for their children to come back home, when the children have nothing to do back home. Some children will be abroad and mothers will pray them back home, when by destiny timing those children ought to be abroad or in the city. What should be our prayer focus is that God establishes her feet in the Light and make her fulfil her glorious destiny.”

“ Okay Baba… thank you for the enlightenment. Though my child is far away, my prayers can meet her wherever she is.”


“ Tell me about yourself” Madam Favour asked Timisire

After the devotion, at about 6;30am, Madam Favour walked to where Timisire laid on the bare floor weeping
“ Come with me” She had said

Timisire rose up and followed her. The feeling that her deliverance was close by was very real to Timisire.

“No Holding Back” She kept hearing in her head.

“ You don’t have to be afraid or ashamed. Tell me about yourself. I am not going to judge you. It doesn’t matter what you have done or what was done to you, I will not judge you.” Madam Favour had pushed further, but Timisire couldn’t bring herself to talk.

She Kept staring into the eyes of Madam Favour, she was searching for trust, she wanted to know if she could tell her all about her.

“ I am waiting”

Timisire would not open her mouth, instead she just kept looking into Madam Favour’s eyes as if to search for a hint of judgement…

Finally, Harry got into the vehicle. Sandy was using all the patience virtue she had stored up in her. Harry had taken close to an hour to get dressed.

“Left to me, we wont be going to this place, I trust God to give us our own child” Harry said

Sandy didn’t utter a reply. She had so many things she wanted to pour out, but she was not going to be the one to stand in the way of her miracle.


It was 7:30am and Timisire had not uttered a statement… Madam Favour kept saying the same thing over and over…

“Trust me”

But, Timisire couldn’t explain why she was finding it difficult to get emotionally naked before this woman.

Madam Favour knew she had to give the girl more time, but it was 7;30am and Marital duty called. She needed to make Breakfast for her husband.

“ Darling, no Pressure, you can retire to your room for now, I will call you later around 9am. I need to prepare breakfast for my husband.” Madam Favour said.

Timisire was relieved, she hurriedly stood up.

“ 9am…” Madam Favour reminded her.

Timisire nodded in response as she rushed to the door.

“ Timisire, if you do not open up, I am afraid you may not be able to stay here with us.”

Timisire nodded in understanding.


“ Why was it hard to tell her about myself?’

“ So she can judge me right?” She answered herself

“ She told you she wont judge you?” She argued

“ Indeed, how will she feel if I tell her I am a dog, who is controlled by sex. In a spiritual place like this, she will chase me out so I don’t corrupt the people here” She supplied the answer.

“ Do the people here look like they can be corrupted by you?’

“ Whatever! If I cant stay here, I will leave and …”

“ And return to your old ways? You just prayed that God should deliver you, so why are you standing in the way of the deliverance”

“Aaaah …Ooh my Good Lord” Andrew shouted. Timisire was lost in her thoughts and didn’t see Andrew coming . He was carrying a bucket of Hot water.

“ Jesus! Jesus!” Timisire screamed, She had poured hot water on the boy’s leg…

The boy started running towards a toilet. Timisire stood transfixed visibly shaking. The boy’s scream had attracted a lot of attention and on seeing what had happened, they rushed after him.

“ What have I done?” Timisire said to herself. “I better leave this place now!”

Opeyemi Akintunde.

Timisire knew she had to leave while everyone moved towards the toilet..

“Can someone call Doctor Jemima?” One of the older teenagers shouted.

Timisire stylishly reversed. On getting outside the building, She ran towards the gate hoping to escape, but she was stopped by the security officer.

” Where to?”

” I want to buy something outside?”

” Where is your exeat permit?”

” Exeat permit?” She asked.

” Yes, as a new Lighter in the Lighthouse, you must have an exeat permit before you leave. Only those who have lived here for more than three years can go out without a permit. You got here last night, so you need an exeat before you leave here ..”

” Sir, a girl brought me here yesterday and I am not interested in staying here.”

” Vanessa…Yes, I know. She signed you in. In that case you should call her to sign you out with a written permission from either Mrs Favour, Mr CHUKS, Mr Damino, Mrs Tina or any of the adults around.”

” Sir, I will scream ooo, I will let the neighbors know you are holding me hostage here”

” Please go ahead, that way Mrs Favour will come here and settle this”

Timisire knew there wasn’t going to be an easy way out of what she had gotten herself into.

She sat by the gate not wanting to leave. She wasn’t planning on going back into the building.

” Why are you trying to run away from a place of healing? My daughter, I came here a bitter man. When I was posted here as a security officer, I was a depressed man. As I started listening to their services from this gate post, my heart started changing. I began to enjoy God’s Joy. Before now, I was an angry man who couldn’t hold conversations, but the Children here have helped me. I have learnt from them. Now when I call my family over the phone, I relate better with my wife and children better. So I don’t know the life you live outside, but if I would advise you, stay here till you find yourself. The truth is, if I had my way, I will import all my children to begin to stay here. This place is a perfect place to raise children and young people. They help them to live a balanced life…They teach them to pray, read Bible, know God for themselves and yet allow them to enjoy themselves in a Christian way ”

Timisire looked up at the security man who at that point was bending in other to talk to her. She loved the way the man was marketing the place to her…

” Can they clip my wings here?” Timisire asked him. She had a feeling the place had the answer to all the questions she had in her mind…

The sudden sound of a car horn broke the mood.

Mr Stephen; the security officer rushed outside to speak with the driver.

” Good morning Sir!”

Harry pointed to Sandy in a nonchalant way..

” Hello Mr Stephen!” Sandy greeted

“Ha! Madam…Good Morning ma.” Mr Stephen recognized Sandy as one of the Supporters of the Lighthouse. He had heard from one of the Lighters that she was the one sponsoring his school fees.

Mr Stephen rushed to open the gate.

That was the opportunity Timisire was looking for; The moment he opened the gate wide, Timisire bolted off.

Mr Stephen had thought about the possibility earlier, so he ran after her in hot pursuit. He got a hold of her despite his aged bones telling him to give up on her.

Harry parked the vehicle. He and Sandy ran towards the gate. The scenario had looked painful to watch. By the time they got to the gate, they saw the security man chasing the young girl. Harry was torn between chasing the girl as well or just watching. He choose the Later.

Mr Stephen successfully brought Timisire back into the compound…

” Ha! My leg ooo, Muscle pull…I can’t remember the last time I ran that way. Young girl, despite all I told you to encourage you to stay here, the powers from your village insists on sending you away from a good place. I told you if I have the opportunity to bring my biological children here, I won’t give it a second thought… See this is where heads are made straight. Heads that have been turned backwards, or sideways spiritually, here the heads are turned forward … Look at me, if I knew a place like this when I was younger, where young people are taught about God, my life will not be the way it is… I am not who I ought to be, How can you explain a First Class Graduate of Biochemistry working as a security officer in his old age… ” Mr Stephen said out of frustration…

” Why do you want to run away? Are they not treating you well?” Harry got interested in Timisire.

” I don’t belong here”

” You have only slept one night here and you have concluded that? ” Mr Stephen kept pushing

” What do you mean?” Sandy asked Timisire

” I am a sinner, a terrible person and this place is full of good children ” Timisire said breaking down in tears…No one had judged her:the devotion, the time with Mrs Favour, the way everyone rushed after the boy who she mistakenly caused hot water to spill on, had judged her….

” No, don’t speak like that, you are a ‘good person in the making’. We all have been dirty at some point in our lives and we ran to the fountain of Living water to get washed. This place is one of the locations of the fountain of living water. You need to stay for you to be clean. You have to stay under the running water… If you run out now, you will keep acquiring more dirts…Stay and get Washed…” Sandy preached to Timisire

“Mrs Sandy, Good Morning ma” Madam Favour called out …She saw them as she stepped out with Doctor Jemima. They were taking the boy to the hospital for proper treatment of the hot water burn.

” Good Morning Mrs Favour…This is my Husband” Sandy said as they walked towards Madam Favour.

” Welcome Sir… So good to have you here with us.” Madam Favour said enthusiastically

” Aunty Favour, Let us take him” Doctor Jemima said releasing Favour to attend to the couple…

” What happened to him?” Concerned Sandy ask

” Someone collided into him as he was carrying a bucket of hot water”

” I was the one who collided into him” Timisire confessed

” Oh!” Everyone looked at her surprised

” Mistakenly, I believe” Favour stepped in

Timisire nodded in the positive.

” I am very sorry”

” It’s fine, return to your room and see me by 9am as we agreed earlier”

Favour knew her day was not going as planned, she was yet to give her husband breakfast, but as it was, he also had gone about another Lighthouse business.

Harry , Sandy and Favour walked into the Office ..

” Thank you Mrs Sandy and Sir for coming, so to what do we owe this beautiful visit so early?”

” We want to adopt a child, we have been childless. I know you have babies you care for, We won’t mind adopting one of them..” Sandy said

Favour knew the pain of childlessness, she didn’t know how she was going to tell the couple that the babies they had, had been adopted into families…

Favour had broken the news to them, and Sandy broke down in tears…

” God! Why?”

” Can we adopt older children?” Harry spoke all of a sudden

” Yes, as long as ….” Madam Favour was saying but Harry cut in

” Give us the girl ..”

” Which one?”

” The one who came in with us”

” Timisire? ” Favour asked baffled.