TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 3 & 4 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

© Opeyemi Akintunde

Joy could tell there was fire on the mountain: the moment she walked into the reception, and saw most of the staff together in a corner, speaking in low tones, she knew something evil was going to happen soon. Joy saw what was worse than anger, envy, hatred in Loveth eyes for her. Joy wondered what she had done this time.

Like a Lioness charging towards her prey, Loveth rushed towards Joy. Joy thought of a thousand things she may have done wrong to warrant her anger.

“What society do you belong to? Tell me?” Loveth said madly at her.
Joy’s confusion had no classification, she was lost.

“I don’t understand you, Aunty Loveth. What have I done?”

“You don’t know what you have done? Tell me which charm you are using? Tell me why the guest wants you instead of us? Why you? Why not Me? Why not Jessica and Irene? He only saw you once, meanwhile he has seen us a few times”

“Maybe you are not his Spec!” Joy blurted out without thinking. Once Again, Joy knew she had spilled the beans. She hoped her mouth was not going to get her killed someday.

“Oh! So, you are his Spec?” Joy said laughing not believing Joy spoke back at her “I told you guys this girl is not innocent, but you keep saying she is only fifteen years Old. This one is Fifty… She is a witch, she seniors all of you here”

“What is happening here?” Denrele’s rich voice came out from nowhere. Loveth wasn’t expecting that. As a professional liar, she quickly changed the scenario.

“We are rehearsing for a Play. So sorry sir” She said quickly moving away from Joy.

“Oh! You organise plays here?” Denrele asked deciding to play along. He had been standing by the stairs all the while.

“Yes, the next one comes up next month, so we use our spare time to rehearse” Loveth lied

“Great! It’s a pity I will be missing the big show, can I have the pleasure of watching the scene you were just rehearsing. I think it is about fighting over a man”

Joy wanted to laugh so hard, she wasn’t a good actor, she liked this man for what he was about to do to Loveth. He was about to make a fool out of Loveth. Joy let out a short, muffled laughter. Denrele looked at her for the first time he stepped into the room and once again he was struck by her innocent beauty.

“I see you have a thing for laughing, and that is rare in this sad world. I like that” Denrele said.

Joy’s smile immediately disappeared.

The guest just added to her problems.

“I am tired sir. We have been rehearsing for a long time and I need to rest for a while” Joy said, trying to run off to her ‘rat hole’.

“One scene please.. At least I think I am the only guest you have in this big hotel”

‘Let’s do it” Loveth said. She wanted to flaunt her body in front of the guest and acting will give her the opportunity to do so. Loveth saw this as an opportunity to make a mess of Joy.

“Jessica, can you call action for us” Loveth said to Jessica who stood afar off with the other staff members.

Jessica also decided to seize the moment. She cat-walked towards the duo and shouted


Her voice was quite unnecessarily loud, and If Joy was her usual self, she would have laughed out loud at her irritating show of desperation.

“Hey witch, what society do you belong to? All the men who come to this hotel always want to have something to do with you, besides, it’s not like you are that beautiful or you have the sex appeal, If we want to put Beauty on a scale, you know I will beat you hands down. My skin is like butter, brown and sweet like chocolate, my breasts are rounded and well-shaped, my hips are …” Loveth went on and on describing her features erotically.

Joy looked towards the other contenders, and it was obvious they were angry at Loveth for trying to outshine them, but trust Irene from the Kitchen, she stepped into the play uninvited…

“I also wonder why the men do not look towards my direction. It must be some form of charm you are using on them, because it is said that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. I know how to satisfy a man’s stomach. I have concluded that you must be using a charm stronger than food.” Irene said.

Jessica was also not about to be left out of the competition

“Why should any guest here not look in my direction, when I am in charge of lifting their Spirits, when I mix drinks for them, they forget their misery and live in the moment, so tell us witch girl, what does a cleaner girl like you have to offer to capture the hearts of the guests in this hotel if not through charm”.

“I help them clean their mess. I make them breath fresh air not clouded by the mess they may have caused, or the ones created by others or even Nature. A clean space allows for good mental health, it boast creativity. However, beyond being a cleaner, I am more, and I can bring more to the table. I bring Intelligence, smartness, and Joy like my name” Joy said forgetting that she was acting.

“You can give a man sex, food and alcohol and yet you haven’t given him anything, but I give men joy derived from good and intelligent conversations. Men can have sex with you without talking to you, men can eat your food or take your drink without talking to you, but a man will always want to talk to the one who makes his life less messy, the one who gives him joy and most importantly has sensible things to talk about”

The girls were not expecting that kind of reply.

Denrele was blown away. He stood up applauding Joy.

Ayo and Paul never believed Joy had that much sense in her; they joined Denrele in applauding Joy. She had beaten the vain girls hands down.

“Joy has beaten the big girls hands down!’ Paul screamed. His words had the undertone implying that Joy was the one the guest was going for.

Joy ran off. Her mouth had once again spoken on its own. She didn’t know where the wisdom had come from.

© Opeyemi Akintunde

“Joy, what have you done again? Why won’t you keep your mouth shut?” Joy Kept slapping her mouth in the utility room.

She heard approaching footsteps walking towards the utility room. She knew instantly it was Loveth, she wished she could scream at Loveth and ask her to let her be, but she didn’t have the guts. She decided to choose the less problematic route: to plead for Mercy.

Joy shut her eyes tightly; the fear of facing Loveth had gripped her heart so tightly she was afraid of looking into her eyes. She knelt in a hurry as she could hear the approaching footsteps getting louder.

“Aunty Loveth, I am sorry. I don’t why I said all those things I said, it must be…” Joy perceived a different smell, the thick engaging masculine smell that had a sweet wooden fragrance to it, was definitely not Loveth’s smell. Loveth smell was like over-perfumed toilet. In what felt like forever, Joy quickly scanned her brain for which of the men in the hotel could smell that way.

‘The Guest!’

Joy jumped while simultaneously opening her eyes and yes, she was absolutely right.

“What was he doing at her scattered utility room?’’ was her first thought and the thought that followed was how much trouble she had gotten herself into.

“You shouldn’t be ashamed or afraid of speaking the truth” the guest said smiling

“Indeed! Even when the truth is going to kill you?” Joy said sarcastically. She had opened her big mouth again. She was not meant to reply him.

“The truth cannot kill you; I hear the truth actually sets a man free”

“Bible says that, but reality doesn’t” Joy argued

“You are a Christian?’ Denrele asked sounding interested.

“I am not proud to call myself that”

“No one is, but Grace has been made available to qualify us.”

“You don’t know what I have done, that’s why you are standing here trying to talk to me, besides I know the thought running through your head”


“What could this fifteen going on to sixteen-year-old girl could have possibly done?’

“Exactly… I am impressed that not only are you smart, but you are also good at mind reading.”Denrele said smiling

“I don’t have to be good at reading people’s mind to know what you were thinking, it’s just typical to box every fifteen-year-old girl as innocent and sweet, unfortunately I am not”

“Is this your smart way of not wanting me to be friends with you since you are underage?’

“No, I am just being truthful like you advised some minutes ago, in your words: ‘the truth cannot kill you’. Sir, I am not the sweet innocent virgin you may be looking for.”

“Prove it to me that you are not innocent “Denrele said

He was expecting the girl to get shy and run off and he would smile in his heart knowing that he had found the one his heart had been searching for. He would wait for her till she was twenty years old to get married to her, but what he was expecting was not what happened.

The sweet innocent looking girl walked seductively towards him grabbing him by his torso and placing her lips on his lips.

He got lost in that moment; his body had responded impulsively. He was attracted to the young girl no doubt, and that made his body react to her touch and kiss. Denrele found himself kissing her in return and Oh Boy! He didn’t want it to end, her saliva tasted so sweet, like something from a chocolate box, he wanted to swallow all of her, but then He remembered who he was ; He was the son of the Most High. He was a Royal Priesthood; He was a sanctified man.

“Stop!” He said pushing Joy back.

He saw it in her eyes…

She was not as innocent as he thought she was, she was more than what the eyes saw…

“Cleaner Joy, who are you?’ Denrele asked….