TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 23&24 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde

Timisire knew she had been walking for hours, she just wanted to run away from herself.

She couldn’t believe what she had allowed to happen to her; after two years of keeping it together. Though, she wasn’t a saint, at least she had found a way of helping herself and not hurting anyone in that two years.

She had masturbated in those two years, whenever she had the urge, instead of looking for any available man she would find either the church toilet or, restaurant toilet and if she was at home, she would lock herself in.

Whenever, she was in public and the evil spirit brought the rush for laying with a man, she would tell Rere she was pressed and would rush for the toilet to ease herself of the sexual desire torture.

Rere had jokingly told her, she needed to have her bladder checked.

Aunty Rere! How was she going to face her after sleeping with her husband. She didn’t deserve it, it was like sleeping with her father. Rere birthed her. Rere gave her the name she was bearing in this new life.

It was gradually becoming dark and her phone had been ringing unendingly. Pastor Ife had been calling, and sending several “I am sorry”, ” I don’t know what came over me” texts.

Her phone rang and this time around she had the instinct it was Rere calling. She checked the caller ID and she was right.

” Timisire, where are you?” She said with a concerned voice. Aunty Rere was her mother in a younger body. Timisire could guess Aunty Rere didn’t know about what had happened between she and Pastor Ife. Her thoughts became confirmed when Rere said…

” Ife told me, he said some hurtful words to you out of frustration and that made you run off. Please I apologize on his behalf, you know heading a new Parish can be frustrating. Even I, I have not been seeing his best. Please come home or where are you so I can pick you up.”

Timisire wanted to be far, very far from Rere and her husband. She felt like a betrayer.

” Ma, it’s best I stayed far away from your family. My past has come back to haunt me and I don’t want it hurting you.”

” Where are you?” Rere insisted. “We all have terrible pasts, but when we lay it at the altar of christ, his Blood speaks forgiveness over our past. I don’t know what Ife’s words have made you remember, but the truth is you are not who you used to be. I know Timisire, and Timisire is God’s daughter who He is very much interested in. ” Rere preached.

Timisire fell to the ground where she had been standing, in the full glare of people. She was weeping like a baby. She had failed the new her, she had failed the girl God gave an opportunity to rewrite her story. She failed the girl who was about to gain admission into the university in the next year. She had failed the girl who teenagers were looking up to and she had failed the family that accepted her into their home without any background check into who she was… She was going to end this girl, she was going to kill the girl called “Joy!”.

Passersby stood looking at her, wondering what was wrong with her… Some caring ones dared to approach her but she told them to stay back…

” Whatever you are going through, Christ has got your back!” She heard a young female voice call out…

Others were saying other Encouraging words but the girl’s voice resonated with her…

” I am a walking bomb, no one should come close, anyone that comes close ends up wasted ” Timisire said figuratively, but people took her words literally and ran back. The country was going through security instability , so the mention of carrying a bomb did not sound well in people’s ears. They pulled back from her.

She continued her journey of eliminating “Joy”. Up the bridge she climbed, she was going to throw herself down…

Opeyemi Akintunde

Timisire made an attempt to jump, but reality stared her in the face, she knew the moment she jumped she was going to be dead and forgotten. How pitiful it was that sex was the one dictating her life.

Her life flashed before her.

She thought of the prophecy her mother told her about; it had been said that she was going to bring honour to her hometown, but looking at her life, she was the simple definition of Shame.

She thought Living with Aunty Rere would change her story, but God had failed her. She devoted herself to God & church but her inner demons did not leave her..

“ Hello Sis, the devil’s hell is not a place you want to be, when you take your life, it’s murder and if you think the life you are living here on earth is hell, it is nothing compared to the real hell. I don’t know if you know God, the One who created us, He can make your life a heaven on earth.” the same distinct voice she heard in the crowd earlier said

“That’s a big lie, I gave my life to God for two years and he still failed me. He let my inner demons resurface. My life is hell on earth. Let me continue life in hell, I am used to it”

Timisire let go of her hands, she shut her eyes and left the rest to fate. She expected to open her eyes and find herself burning in hell, but in a flash she felt her body landing on something soft. Her eyes were shut tightly but she could hear screams.

“ Am I in hell already?” She felt heat against her skin and it was very scourging. She felt a form of movement. Like she was being moved at top speed to a place. Suddenly, there was a sharp halt.

She kept thinking if she was meant to open her eyes. Fear gripped her heart. Fear of what Hell would look like held her back from opening her eyes. She could perceive the offensive odour of smoke…

“Gosh! Hell is gross” She thought

She imagined the hot red fire, and as she thought about it, her body began to respond to the feeling of being thrown into fire. It felt like melting fire on her skin. The soft surface she fell on suddenly felt like a hot hard surface. Still scared to open her eyes to the gory and fearful sight of hell, she started screaming…

“ Fire!”

“ Hell is Hot!”

“ Fire… I can’t stand this..”

“ God, please forgive me”

“ Take me out of hell”

She had never felt anything that hot in her life, it was worse than fire on earth, it was melting fire. She felt her skin melting like wax, it felt like her skin was giving way for her skeleton to be revealed.

“Please is there no water in this place?” Timisire asked…

The reality of what she read in her Bible hit her. No wonder the rich man said ” Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.’

She needed water to cool down the hot temperature she was in.

” Ha!!! Stop it! ” She had thought water would be a good thing, instead whatever they poured on her was not water but liquid fire