TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 21&22 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Sister Timisire, We are going to miss you!” Joan, one of the youths said to Timisire at Pastor Ife’s transfer party..

Two years had passed by, like two days and Timisire was not the same girl who walked into the crusade ground insane.

She was Fire-full, tongue speaking, and Word-dishing Sister Timisire.

Rereloluwa had volunteered to house Timisire in her home till she could recollect her identity. Ifeoluwa initially did not buy into the idea, but, He saw giving into Rere’s request as an opportunity for Rere to forgive him for his slip of tongue about their childbearing.

Timisire, despite burning for God in the way she could, still kept her identity private. She found solace in the story of Esther who did not disclose her identity when she became Queen
However, her past was not ready to let her go. Her inner demons were still pushing her, but she found a way of controlling it; Though questionable.

Timisire couldn’t count the number of
times she had almost fallen into the sin of fornication. There were times she had been with brothers in church offices and she would feel like pouncing on them and having sexual intercourse with them, but she would quickly rush out of the room to control herself.

For two years, she had achieved it, burying herself in church activities and helping herself out in an unpopular way.

In those two years, Timisire had become popular in church.

However, a threatening change came Knocking; Pastor Ife got a letter of transfer to head a
New Parish.

Rere and Ife had become like Parents or older siblings to her, and she couldn’t trade them for anything. They treated her well, joked with her. She had become so close to them, it was easy to even throw a joke around them.


Right before the transfer to head a parish, TIMISIRE was beginning to notice the lustful way Pastor Ife was begining to look at her. Unfortunately, her body was beginning to respond wrongly too. She was beginning to get aroused as well.

Fortunately, she was Rere’s handbag so She was always around Rere. She never had any alone time with Pastor Ife.

Therefore, as Joan was waving her goodbye that Sunday, she had this feeling that the new Parish Pastor Ife had been transferred to was going to be a trap for her.
She knew new parishes do not have a lot of people around and
Rere had told her she was going to help with being “Uncle’s” Secretary/ Church Administrator…

Timisire smelt trouble, she knew the “Joy” in her was going to do everything to raise its ugly head.

Opeyemi Akintunde

” How many times do I have to call your name?” Pastor Ife screamed at Timisire.

” I am sorry sir, I didn’t hear you, I was on the phone with Bro Tim”

” Discussing What exactly?”

“He was asking me about the teenagers’ manual for the next quarter”

” Timisire, you no longer worship in Parish 129, you now belong here, concentrate on your service here”

“Yes sir!” Timisire replied.

She didn’t know what had been eating him up of late. He was gradually becoming an angry person ever since he was transferred to start the new Parish six months back.

Timisire had been trying to make excuses for him. She knew the pressure was much, he was looking like a failure because in six months, they couldn’t boast of ten members. The church could not run itself.

Timisire was the church accountant/Secretary/ administrator so she knew Pastor Ife was using his personal money to keep the church afloat…

” What do you need me to do for you sir?” Timisire asked after few minutes of him not saying anything. She had been standing in his office.

” Nothing!”

Timisire was shocked.

” Nothing? Sir, you must still be pissed at me” Timisire asked

” No, I just wanted to be sure you were around”

Timisire was the pissed one at that point!. Where else would she be?

” What then was the point of the anger?” She asked herself

” You can return back to your office!” He said

Timisire left the office walking like a dazed person. She knew a lot had been happening recently between Pastor Ife and Aunty Rere, but she didn’t want to meddle in their marriage.


She heard him call her name, and without anyone telling her danger was very close, she felt it.

She was going to do what she knew best to do. Flee!

” Flee From all appearance of evil refrain yourselves.” She spoke her favourite scripture to herself. Whenever she was in any compromising situation with any brother in church and the sexual urge came on her, she would flee, more like run!

It was time to run! She had been noticing the way Pastor Ife had been looking her lustfully for a while and she knew it was the demon in her calling him. She was not about to give in to the devil. Neither was she going to drill an arrow into Aunty Rere’s heart.

She picked up her pace, pretending not to hear her name.

” TIMISIRE!” This time around , Pastor Ife hollered her name. There was no pretending she didn’t hear. She knew if she moved forward, it would be misunderstood as being disrespectful of her, especially since Pastor Ife was like her father or elder brother.

She turned and she knew her life was about to take another turn.

Their eyes met and instantly lust registered its presence. It dominated their thinking and the unthinkable happened in less than five minutes!