TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 19&20 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde

He saw it!

He saw the Queen’s daughter walking into a bright light. He recognized her from the picture the Queen had been haunting him with.

He had not seen a woman so passionate about a child like the Queen. For the past six months she had joined their church, she never missed a service and the picture of the missing girl was always in her Bible.

” God, what is the Light she walked into?” He asked. “I hope she has not crossed to the otherside?”

He didn’t get any answer.

” Queen, what have you done?” The Prophet asked Aduke

” Done? I don’t understand?”

” I had a strange dream and knowing how passionate you are about her, I am wondering how far you have gone?”

” Prophet, please don’t speak to me in Parables, please speak to me in plain words. What was the dream about?” Aduke asked

” I saw her walking into a bright light!” The prophet said

” Ok! Is that not a good thing?” Aduke asked confused

” That light seem to me like she has crossed to the otherside!”

” No, Never, my daughter shall not die but live to declare the Works of God in the land of the Living. My Motunrayo has not fulfilled her destiny so she can not die. Sir, that Light is the Light of God. My daughter has seen the Light. For the past six months, I have been praying day and night for Mercy for Motunrayo and though she may not deserve it , God will have mercy on her. I have decided to be like the Canaanite woman”

“The Canaanite woman?” The prophet asked, he had a clue about what she was talking about but he wanted to hear it from her…

” Yes, I have it memorized it ….Matthew 15:21-28
A Canaanite woman came to Jesus, crying out, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is demon-possessed and suffering terribly. Prophet, I know Motunrayo is possessed.” Aduke said

“Jesus did not answer a word. So his disciples came to him and urged him, “Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us….Prophet I have been crying for the past six months ..” Aduke continued

“Jesus answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”…
Prophet , I know Jesus’ healing is for the saved, but I have been crying for an exception…

Just like me, The woman came and knelt before him. “Lord, help me!” she said.
Prophet I have been crying for help for Motunrayo.

Although Jesus replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.” but the mother insisted

“Yes it is, Lord,” she said.

“Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.”

Then Jesus said to her, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” And her daughter was healed at that moment.

The prophet was speechless!

” Prophet, I am not giving up on my daughter, though she may not know Jesus, I will chase Jesus on her behalf till He heals her. She may be a dog and do not deserve the daughter’s meal, I will keep following Jesus and begging Him to have Mercy on her.

Prophet that light you saw Is the Light that shines and darkness can not comprehend . My child has found Christ, I know it!”

Prophet Olorundara was humbled! The Queen’s words struck several chords with him. He was also a father who had lost a son to the devil and unlike the Queen, he had let go of him.

He wished he did not give up on him..He suddenly wished he had chased Jesus on behalf of his son.

Taiwo, his son had been a pain in his neck!

Opeyemi Akintunde

Joy knew her Identity, but she was not about to disclose it. She wanted to forget the life she was coming from. From Royalty she moved into the trenches becoming a cleaner at the hotel. This was to run away from shame. She had suffered shame at the Palace, and shame raised to power two had she just walked out from.

She remembered her head becoming suddenly clouded with so many thoughts after the female guest had splashed water on her. She remembered hearing ” Run!” in her head.

Sitting down in the room they had provided for her in the church, recollection of all that led her to the crusade crowd started playing back in her brain.

” Hello!”

Joy looked up, the woman who had told her God was good was standing in front of her with a white nylon. The aroma that followed her entrance gave Joy the insight as to what was in the nylon bag.

” Jollof Rice!” Joy’s sense of smell picked it up.

” Hi ma” Joy replied

” How are you feeling?” Rere asked smiling

” Good!”

” I brought you Jollof Rice and chicken, I hope you like it”

” Yes ma”

Joy watched the beautiful woman walking towards her. She placed the food in her hands.

” Are you comfortable here? Did you sleep well?” Rere asked

” Not really, I am the only person here and it feels creepy” Joy said

Rere couldn’t help but notice the girl’s choice of words. It was obvious she was from a good home.

” Can you remember the schools you attended” Rere asked

Joy didn’t like the way the woman was probing. How could she tell this woman, that she remembered everything about her life but she was not planning to go back to that life.

” No!”

” Not even your name!”

” No!”

“Then you need a name people can call you by. Do you have a choice of name?”

” No, I am blank”

” Let’s see…” Rere said out loud as she put her brain to work.

” Joy! Grace! Peace!’ Rere said like she was scrolling through a lot of names. Meanwhile, Joy froze when she mentioned her real name, but her fear was short-lived , because Rere continued her mental search.

” Names are significant, so let’s look for a name that tells your story” Rere said happily

” What’s my story?” Joy asked hoping she had not been exposed.

” The devil afflicted you, but God found a way of pushing you to a place of goodness”

” Wow! What name can encapsulate that?” Joy asked

” Beats me!” Rere said laughing

” Let’s translate all you said into Yoruba, maybe a new name will be hidden somewhere” Joy said

” Esu pon e loju sugbon oluwa wa ona ati ti o si ibi ire e” Rere translated..

” Hmm, I hear ‘Ire’ in that translation”

” Ire meaning goodness , It is nice but it doesn’t fully encapsulate your story!” Rere said and almost immediately something dropped in her spirit…

” OLUWATIMISIRE” Rere voiced it out…

Joy couldn’t understand how or why, but the name resonated with her. She had been pushed by something on the inside of her against her will into shame everytime.

If God could take over the reins of her life and push her to goodness, she would prefer that.

” I like it!” Joy quickly said.

” You do? ”

” Same here, I have never heard the name. It dropped in my Spirit like God was the one who gave the name.”

” I am TIMISIRE, my name is TIMISIRE” Joy said repeatedly as a way registering the name in her mind.

” Hello Oluwatimisire” Rere said laughing

” Hello Aunty Rereloluwa” Joy replied .

” God, please keep pushing me to goodness, please don’t let me misbehave here” Joy now called TIMISIRE said within herself.