TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 17&18 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde

Rereloluwa woke up feeling joyful as always, but one look at her husband who was already awake told her the day was going to be a hard one.

” What have we not done yet?” Ifeoluwa asked rhetorically. It sounded like a question but it wasn’t. He was just wondering why after serving God in all ways he knew through different channels, he was still unable to father a child in his fourteen years marriage.

Rereloluwa on the other hand was stronger at heart than her husband. She was full of faith. She was gradually beginning to come to terms with the fact that If God wanted her to have a child, He would do it in His time. She was not in any way bowing to pressure anymore.

” Ife, we have done everything humanly possible. Let’s live our lives and watch what God wants to do with it” Rereloluwa said

” Rere, why are you not stressed about our inability to have kids anymore. It seems you have given up on us” Ife replied

” I stopped stressing because I was gradually slipping into my grave. What’s the point of killing myself over what is not happening? Ife, I am done stressing. If the child comes, Glory to God and If not, Glory to God. Ife, there are a lot of orphans out there we can parent…’ Rere said

” But those ones are not from me, I need a child that carries my blood, why don’t you get that!” Ifeoluwa said raising his voice in anger.

” Ife, we can adopt and the child bears our name” Rere said

” I am a born again Christian who preaches that God is good and can give all that we desire, if I adopt a child, what message does that send to people?” Ife asked intending it to be a rhetorical question, but Rere had her answer for him.

“Then your message will be to remind Christians that we are adopted children of God. By adopting a child, we are only following the steps of our father”.

” You just have answers for everything!” Ife said angrily “But I need a honest answer for this question I have never asked you before” Ife continued in anger

” Which is?” Rere asked

” Are you sure you have not entered an oath not to have children?” Ife asked.

Ife’s question astounded her!

” What?” Rere asked disbelievingly. A lot of emotions could be seen painted on her face. She felt betrayed, there was disbelief, hurt, pain all at once!

” I am sorry!” Ifeoluwa realized he had misfired! He was hoping that would make her take their infertility more seriously but instead he had sounded wicked.

Rere walked to the bathroom and locked the door from behind. Rere broke down in tears…

” Rere..Rere…I am sorry!” Ifeoluwa called pleading.

Two days Later.

Rereloluwa had kept mute for the two days. Ife had begged several times but Rere was hurt beyond what her heart could handle. She knew if she opened her mouth to talk, she would say a lot of awful things, so her being mute was a way of calming herself.

” I want to remind you of the Rural Worship we have on Saturday evening, will you still be attending ” Ifeoluwa asked. He knew Rere was passionate about worship. She was one of the key choristers. He hoped this would help open up a conversation between them.

Rere remained quiet. Ifeoluwa could tell without a doubt he had broken his wife’s soul. He rushed towards her hugging her tightly and weeping like a baby. Rere stood like a stick in his arms…

” I am sorry Rere, I was wrong. That question was wrong of me to ask. Please, your silence is worst than being hanged. You give me Joy and when my Joy generation is down, I will remain in the dark room of bitterness. Please forgive your baby!” Ifeoluwa pleaded.

Rereloluwa didn’t have the courage to voice any words, instead she let her tears do the talking.

” I will go for the Rural Worship” Rereloluwa spoke finally after ten minutes of sobbing profusely.

Ifeoluwa hugged her tightly …

” I love you!” Ifeoluwa said but Rere could not reply same.

The days passed with Rere answering Ifeoluwa only when she felt like. She anticipated the Rural worship as she couldn’t wait to pour her heart to God in worship.

” Sister Rere! You are the one taking the second worship session, Brother Theophilus can’t make it, he had to rush to his hometown” Pastor Tim said to Rere when they got the field . Rere respected her pastor too much to say no. She had come to the service for her own healing. She wanted to hide in the choir stand far away from Ife and weep sore as she backed up, but God was not having it…

Like Rere had expected, her first song brought down tears from her eyes, her worship session was an outcry birthed out of her pain. She carried everyone into the Most Holy Place because she was determined to speak to God that evening. Her eyes were tightly shut.

She suddenly felt a quietness on the field, it was unusual, so she opened her eyes to be sure of what was happening…

Before her, stood a dirty looking mentally deranged girl staring at her .

Opeyemi Akintunde.

She fell to the ground and there was an instant change in the atmosphere. The quiet field suddenly became as loud as a marketplace on Saturday afternoon.

” What happened? Is she dead?”

” The power of God hit her”

” She must be a witch! She was sent here to test the power of God!”

Rereloluwa could hear some of the different explanations from people from where she stood.

“Sister Rere!” Rere heard her Pastor’s voice…

” Continue!”

Rere obeyed.

As she continued in Worship , she saw the hospitality service unit carrying the girl away . She was interested in knowing what was happening. She struggled to worship for another fifteen minutes.

She hurriedly left the podium as her Pastor climbed up.

Ifeoluwa knew his wife, he knew she was going to find the girl. He stood up from where he was seated and with his eyes he trailed Rere to the hospitality unit.

” Ife, where is she” Rere asked

Ife felt good hearing his wife talk to him like there was no issue between them.

” She should be inside the tent” Ife said flowing with the same “No issue” energy.

Rere walked into the tent, she saw the girl looking lost. They were giving her milk to drink.

” What happened to her?” Rere asked Dr Beatrice.

“A miracle… She regained her senses. ” Dr Beatrice replied

” Praise God! Thank you Jesus!”

” Hello!” Rereloluwa moved closer to her

The girl nodded in response.

” What’s your name? And can you remember where you are from?” Rereloluwa asked

” No!” She replied

” Try to think, so we can return you back home” Rere pushed

” No, Sister Rere, let’s give it time, the brain needs to reset itself. She will come around. For now, what she needs is a clean bath, a hospital visit and lots of rest ”

” Ok Doctor!”

” What is your name?” The girl spoke

” Rereloluwa…It means GOD IS GOOD”

” Is He?” The girl asked