TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 15 & 16 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Where is she?” Mirabel asked Loveth

“ Who Ma?” Loveth tried to play the ignorant card

“ Don’t play with me, that girl used something on my husband and I need to see her NOW!” Mirabel said and Loveth knew it was best she took her to Joy.

“ Come with me ma”
Loveth took Mirabel to the Utility room.

They met Joy seated on the floor still partially undressed…

“ What did you do to my husband?”

Joy was still panting and shaking…

“Where is he? I must see him, why are you preventing him from me?” Joy asked

“ Because he is my husband, and you are nothing but a demon, I know your type; demons on the streets with no roofs over their heads, they fly around looking for where to leach on, unfortunately my husband and my marriage can not be leached on, so hit the streets in Jesus name.” Mirabel said

Mirabel walked up the stairs and returned to the room.

“Where is she?” Alex asked

“ She has returned to the pit she came from.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean that you should calm down…”

“ No, I will not calm down until I see her”

Alex was already going to the window, he wanted to jump. Thankfully, there was Iron burglary in place.

“ Alex, calm down in Jesus name. I will bring her for you”
Mirabel picked up a bottle of Water on her way out. She needed to drink water, her throat was suddenly dry.

As she got out, she was shaking. Fear was beginning to paralyse her.

“ God, what is this? What is going on? You told me to go on a vacation with my husband. Was the devil planning as I was planning?” Mirabel choked on her tears.

“ God, what can I do?”

“ Pray on the water in your hand and make him drink it, turn it to an antidote. He was given something in his drink yesterday and deal with the girl so that she serves as an example to the others.” The thought flashed through her mind.

She looked at the water in her hands, though she felt too weak to pray, she began to speak in tongues…

“God, I begin to infuse your raw power into this water, Let the Angel that troubled the water at the pool trouble this water for my Husband’s deliverance now in Jesus name, and as I sprinkle it on the girl let it send her far away from my husband in Jesus name.”
Mirabel prayed with agony groaning in the Spirit till sweat had filled her entire face.

After about five minutes, She sensed a release in her spirit. Rising up, she turned back towards the suite, but she started hearing someone racing up the stairs towards her. She heard other voices saying…

“Joy come back here!”


Mirabel spontaneously opened the cap of the bottled water and poured some of the content on Joy as she surfaced…

“ In the name of Jesus Christ, The name that is above all other names, I command a total separation between you and my husband in Jesus name, be far away from him as the heavens is far from the earth. I command you to lose your senses of him now in Jesus name.”

Joy Obeyed, she turned to the surprise of the other staff members and with so much speed she ran down the stairs.

Mirabel watched how her colleagues pursued after her, calling her name.

She cared less about what happened to her, her husband was priority for her. She turned and found her way back to the suite. On Opening the door, She found her husband sitting on the floor looking confused…

“ Mirabel, what is happening to me? I feel strange. I feel like something is in me” Alex said

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Mirabel, what is happening to me? I feel strange. I feel like something is in me” Alex said

Mirabel knew God had started working. She moved close to him and gave him the water to drink.

“ You will be fine, Take this water. You had too much to drink last night.”
Alex collected the water and gulped it down.

Alex shivered almost immediately.

Suddenly, he had the urge to vomit.

“ I feel like throwing u….p….” Alex rushed towards the bathroom.
He vomited till he had no strength in him. The smell of the vomitous was highly offensive.

“ What did I drink? That alcohol was definitely laced with something!”

“ Obviously! If you didn’t request for the alcohol, there won’t have been an open door.”

“Mirabel , I slept with the cleaner girl?” Alex began to gain his senses back

“ I can’t say… I didn’t catch you in the act, but you kept saying you wanted to finish what you had started”

“ Can we get out of this hotel, this place is evil”

“ I thought you would never ask!” Mirabel replied

“ What is wrong with her and where is she headed?” Loveth asked fearfully as they all watched as Joy took to the streets.

“ Is it not obvious the girl has gone mental” Ayo stated the Obvious…

“ Joy, where are you going? Get some clothes on” Ahmed the security said not knowing what was happening.

Joy paid no attention to him, instead she pushed him aside and walked out of the gate.

“ Are we just going to watch her go like that?” Irene who was already sobbing said

“ Do you have another option. If Madam comes back and finds her Mad, we will have a lot of explaining to do, afterwards you all will end up in Jail for adding Urine to a guest’s drink.” Paul said

The realization of what awaited them if the truth of what happened got to the Madam made them leave Joy to her fate.

They quietly returned to the reception like people mourning, and as expected they saw the couple walking down the stairs.

No one dared ask questions. Loveth summoned courage to apologize.

“We are so…” Loveth was saying but Mirabel raised her hand to signify that she save her apology.

The Staff saw how weak the husband was and that moment was a sober moment for them. They watched the couple enter their car and drove off.

“ This game ends today” Paul said

“Obviously, the master game player has gone mad” Ayo said

“The wife must be a church woman” Loveth concluded

“Yes! And if not that Joy said she wanted to do it, I would have been the mad one on the street now” Jessica said with tears flowing down her cheeks.

“To think we were the one who encouraged her to do it diabolically” Irene said. “God forgive us ooo”

“ Hmm…” The Pastor’s eyes had been Opened and he saw Joy on the street insane.

“ Queen, your child is not the same way she left you” He said

“ How is she now?”

“ She has hit the streets” the pastor opened up.

The words did not make much sense to Aduke at first, until she saw how her maids reacted.

“ Hit the streets, as in Mad?” She asked

“ Yes!”

“Ha! What happened? How come?”

“ I saw her been punished for a wrong she did”

“ Please Pastor, tell me where she is, so we can bring her here.”

“She is far away”

“Ha!” Aduke wailed…