TIMISIRE ; The Golden Girl ( Part 11 & 12 ) – OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE

Opeyemi Akintunde

Joy knocked at the door…

“The Cleaner is here” She said

Mirabel went for the door eagerly like a child who was going to the door for some ice-cream; Cleanliness gave her Joy.

“ Hello!”

“ Hello Ma” Joy replied and truly speaking, Ayo was right; the woman was beautiful, there was no way any reasonable man would want another girl if he had this kind of beauty in his life. Her skin was flawless.

“Please come in, I am sorry to bother you, I know you have done your job, but I love to sit by the window, and the window seems dusty. Can you help clean it?”

“ Sure ma, you remind me of my mum, she loves everywhere sparkling clean” Joy said laughing

Joy looked towards the bedroom of the suite, she saw the legs of the husband but not his face.

Joy cleaned the windows of the living room of the suite. She couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom, but the wife’s OCD was on a terrible high level.

She stood by Joy showing her all the corners and edges that needed cleaning.

Eventually, after about 15 minutes, they went into the bedroom.

“Good Morning Sir!” Joy greeted intentionally, but the man was so buried in watching TV he just mumbled “ Morning”.

Joy noticed he didn’t look her way one minute throughout her consciously extended twenty-five minutes cleaning in the bedroom.

“ Thank you so much…” Mirabel said expecting Joy to supply her name.

“Joy” Joy supplied

“Joy! You have a beautiful name” Mirabel said as she reached into her bag for a thousand Naira. She extended it to Joy, who collected it.

“ Oh! Thank you ma” Joy said

“ Bye Sir!” Joy said and just like he had been doing he answered without looking her way.

Mirabel shut the door behind Joy as she stepped out. Joy stayed by the door hoping to catch any conversation and she did.

“Come here, all that moving your body in front of me for twenty Five minutes needs to get you well taken care of”

Joy heard the giggle of the wife…

“This is going to be a hard or impossible one”. Joy acknowledged.

“How Far?” Loveth asked excitedly. Three years on the same side had made them friends.

“ It’s looking hard, the man didn’t even look my way” Joy said

“Unless we force him” Irene said

“ Force him, like turn his neck to look at me” Joy’s naivety came to play

“Joy, sometimes you make me realize you are still a small girl”

“ We gat (have) to go diabolical on this one, I can spice his food with water from your ‘toto’ ( Private part)”

“ My urine?” Joy asked in a whisper. She couldn’t hide her shock.

“ Huh huh”

“ How does that help?” Joy asked

“ It is juju, we will add some other charm to the urine, and all he will be thinking about is your ‘toto’. The urine inside him will be like magnet, he will be searching for you madly” irene replied

“ But how you wan tey serve dem food wey the wife no go chop? (how do you plan on serving them food without the wife eating it?)” Jessica asked

“Hmm.. I didn’t think about that” Irene realized

“ If the husband drinks, then I will have to be the one to carry out the assignment.”

“ But that is if he drinks” Loveth said “Let’s find out out”

Loveth dialed their room intercom…

“Good day ma, this is Loveth from the reception. As a first time guest with us, the hotel has a complimentary champagne for our male guests while we have a bottle of non-alcoholic wine for our female guest, we would like to find out if your husband takes alcohol.”

“ Oh no! he doesn’t, you can send us the bottle of wine, we will share it. Thank you”

“ You are welcomed ma”
Loveth ended the call shaking her head in the negative. She didn’t have to voice the obvious, all she said was..

“ Jessica go serve them a bottle of non-alcoholic wine with two cups”

“ There has to be another way in. No matter how tightly shut a house is, there must be a way in for a rat” Ayo said.

It was a food for thought for them all.

Opeyemi Akintunde.

“Who was that?” Alex asked

“ The receptionist. She called to ask for our preference, the hotel gives complimentary drinks, so she wanted to confirm if you wanted alcohol”

“ And?”

“ I said you don’t take it anymore” Mirabel said emphasizing the ‘anymore’

“Just this once with my wife will not kill me”

“ Old things have passed away Alex.” Mirabel said

“ Yes, all things have become new, Bible did not say we should not take wine, it just speaks again drunkenness”

“ Bible strongly speaks against strong drink, and that’s what alcohol is”

“ Babe, I want to be in high Spirits for these five days, Let me have my drink. God will not frown at me drinking alcohol to be high for my wife.” Alex cajoled

“ Get high in the Holy Ghost” Mirabel said blocking her ears with her earpiece.

“ What kind of beautiful wife is this?” Alex said laughing, he begins to tickle Mirabel into agreeing …

“ Alex leave me, let me be…No alcohol for you” Mirabel said laughing.

A knock at the door cut short their child’s play. Alex ran to the door …

“ Hello Sir, good morning sir. I am Jessica and this is your complimentary wine”

“ Where is the alcohol? my wife has permitted me to have it”

“ Oh! “

“ No! he is not having it” Mirabel went to the door, collected the wine and cups.

“ Thank you!” she said to Jessica, but Jessica caught her husband winking at her as if to say
“ Bring the Alcohol”
Jessica ran down the stairs excitedly…

“ We have found a rathole” Jessica said happily…


“This is It” Joy handed over her urine to Irene. Irene spoke some words into the Urine and added sugar & honey into the urine. After mixing it, she took a syringe and withdrew just a little over 1ml of the urine. Jessica opened the alcohol, added the urine to the liquid. As a bartender of many years, she professionally corked the bottle using another cork. She covered it back with the foil.

Aduke felt uneasy, She wanted to sleep but she couldn’t. Her mind kept thinking about Motunrayo, she was troubled about her. She had the feeling Motunrayo was in trouble. There was an urgency in her Spirit to pray for her.

“ The God of our fathers, our creator, come to my aid concerning Motunrayo Adenike. Wherever she is,please watch over for me. Do not let her fall into the pit the enemy has set for her.”

Aduke knew it was time she took Motunrayo’s return more seriously. She had been hoping that someday she would come home but five years had gone and she was not yet back.

Jessica knocked at the door!
Alex was the one who opened, his eyes shone on seeing the drink…

“ Thank you!”

He tipped Jessica.

He shut the door and as he turned he saw Mirabel looking at him unhappily.

“ I thought God had helped you with this” Mirabel said not hiding her displeasure.

“ Babe, He has and this is just a one-off” Alex replied.

Alex uncorked the wine, he noticed how easy it was for the cork to come off, but he didn’t give it a thought.

Mirabel watched how he gulped down the alcohol, cup after cup.