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Timisire walked into the class. It felt good to be a student at one of the prestigious universities in the country. She was studying her dream course: English And Literary Studies.

They were about to have their first Class.

She bowed her head on the table, She was praying about the course, she was taking charge of her course, she was speaking Favour into her time as a student …

“Good morning Latest Undergrads!” The lecturer spoke.

That voice sent Chills down her Spine! The voice was very familiar… The voice made her have instant butterflies in her belly.

“Denrele, the writer from the hotel! The only man who was ever able to resist Cleaner Joy s3xually!”

Timisire looked up to be sure she was right…

She was right!

Their eyes met and he also paused in that second.

“Cleaner Joy!” He said.

“No, sir, Cleaner Joy is Dead, my name is Timisire!”

Timisire graduated with a First Class, She got married to Denrele, and together they Coauthored a lot of books. Timisire went back to her hometown when she received God’s permission to go. By that time, she had become a household name. Timisire relocated her mother to the city, bought her a house. Her mother left Royalty and served God the remaining days of her Life.

Rereloluwa and Ifeoluwa had four more kids after Jeda.

Sandy and her husband eventually had two boys. They remained sponsors of children at the Lighthouse.

Timisire became a major voice for the Lighthouse and S3xual Purity ideology… She was nicknamed the Golden Child by Madam Favour…

“Timisire, Gold always have to go through fire before it becomes appreciated, You initially went through the Fire of suffering, but when God stepped in, you went through the Fire of Cleansing to emerge as this Golden Child. Congrats Timisire, the Golden Child.”

THE END…. (Please check next post for NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR & PRAYERS TO BE PRAYED after reading TIMISIRE Novel)


Timisire was meant to birth greatness that will affect our hometown positively but there was a contention against it….
You will shout this first prayer like this…

1)Powers trying all means to mess up or rubbish my destiny, Fail on all attempts in Jesus name

She came from a relatively good foundation; she was a princess, so it was a great platform for success , but like most of us, the platforms that we have are not reflecting in our lives.. Some of us have good parents, good relatives, good children but our lives do not look like people we know or where we are from. Pray this loud and clear…

2) Oh Lord, help my life to be a reflection of the good Platforms you have given me in Jesus name..

As I go on in my analysis, I will be calling different prayer points…

3) Make my life reflective of the Grace you have deposited in my life.. I refuse to allow the devil make a mess of Divine platforms given to me to succeed in Jesus name…

4) I refuse to cooperate with devil to mess me up in Jesus name

Timisire was a princess but bewitchment caused her to be reduced to becoming a cleaner…

5) Bewitchment aimed at reducing my destiny, Oh Lord arise return the arrow of bewitchment back to the sender in Jesus name

6) Arrow of Bewitchment in my head back to the sender in the name of Jesus…( Begin to insert all parts of your body…In your blood, in your womb( Fibroid must dry up) in the name of Jesus

7) You my head reject bewitchment, you my destiny reject bewitchment, you my talent reject bewitchment in Jesus name

Timisire as a child below three years old was fed with an abomination that resulted in the altering of her destiny…

9) Oh Lord, whatever has passed through my mouth gate ( Food, traditional medicine,drink) that is giving the devil the ability to control my life, catch fire and come out of me in Jesus name…

10) Oh Lord, whatever has passed through my mouth gate ( Food, traditional medicine,drink) that has altered God’s plan for my life, catch fire and come out of me in Jesus name…

11) Incisions that are serving as entry point for demons into my life, blood of Jesus close it up in The name of Jesus…

12) Oh Lord, whatever has passed through my s3xual gate ( s3x, k!ssing, fing3ring) that has polluted my life and altered my life journey, Oh God arise and Have Mercy on me, clean me up in Jesus name…

13) Put your right hand on your abdomen as you pray this prayer

Fire of God , go the root of my life and consume the plantations of darkness in there in Jesus name…

Timisire s3xual organ was under bewitchment, so it was controlling her destiny wrongly….

14) You my S3xual organ, hear the word of the Lord receive fire and stop obeying wrong and bewitching voices in Jesus name.. Stop obeying the voice of the spiritual husband or wife in the name of Jesus

15) You my S3xual Organ come under the submission of the Most High in Jesus name. God created you, so you must obey the Will of God, Stop obeying the voice of pornography movies, stop obeying the voice of masturbation, stop obeying the voice of marine powers, stop obeying the voice of seduction, stop obeying the voice of polygamy in my foundation in Jesus name…

Polygamy was what drew Battle to Timisire, her stepmother was the one behind her problems…

16) The Voice of Polygamy in my foundation drawing me to marital failure, career failure , parenting failure, spiritual failure be silenced In the name of Jesus…

Her life was filled with dirts…And Dirts can be found where?

On the ground…

If a person’s life is filled with S3xual dirts, Bewitchment dirts, , that is if the devil has made a person’s life a dumping ground, that person will continually be on the ground…
No wonder Scriptures says…

“He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and he hath set the world upon them.”

As long as you are in the dust ( in dirt) you will be poor, as long as you are in the dunghill of life ( dirt) you will be a beggar.

Timisire, a Princess who ought to be a great woman, because of the dirt in her life; she became a rolling stone…

We need the Fire of God, the broom of fire to sweep out all dirt or whatever is representing dirt in our lives ( God’s temple)

We will take this hymn militantly.

Let the fire fall, let the fire fall,
let the fire from heaven fall;
we are waiting and expecting,
now in faith, dear Lord, we call;
let the fire fall, let the fire fall,
on Thy promise we depend;
from the glory of Thy presence
let the Pentecostal fire descend.

You will pray this loud and clear ..

17) Fire of God descend on me, invade my life and Do the Work of total cleansing and purging now in the name of Jesus Christ… Total cleansing Lord! I don’t want any remnant of darkness hanging around…

18) Oh Lord, Sweep out what is making my life a dunghill in the name of Jesus…


19) Oh Lord by virtue of my prayer of cleansing, Oh Lord present me before Kings and Lift me up and take me to a place at the top where I belong in destiny in Jesus name..God bless you…

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