“Time of turbulence”: Apostle Selman releases disturbing prophecies about 2024 (VIDEO)

The founder of the Eternity Network International, Abuja, Apostle Joshua Selman, has revealed what God showed him about the year 2024.

Apostle Joshua Selman said the year 2024 will be a turbulent and challenging year for believers in Nigeria, Tribune reported.

He said the message is not to bring fear but that believers can be prepared. He added that God is trying to redeem the future by revealing things to come.

Apostle Selman stated this in a video clip shared on X by @nigeriantribune

“I saw something about next year (2024) that will make you need this message because what I saw is going to be a time of turbulence and serious challenge for believers.

He added: “So, when God brings things like this, He is redeeming the future. There is something He has seen. “I saw many people folding their companies and fathers and mothers losing jobs at a time not even knowing what to do. PTA meetings happening and teachers are saying,

‘You cannot drive our children, why don’t you structure the payment?’ “When I saw that (vision) my heart (bleeds) and I said, ‘Lord what’s the meaning of this?’