”Till now we haven’t found his killer” Netizens emotional as they mark Mohbad’s 2 month death anniversary

SAD Singer Mohbad is dead

It has been two months since the untimely death of Mohbad, and today, netizens took to social media to reflect on his passing.

The somber mood was accentuated by the fact that despite the passage of time, the autopsy results and the true cause of his demise remain shrouded in mystery.

Mohbad first captured public attention on September 12th when he was found lifeless in a friend’s car, a moment that triggered a cascade of social media discussions and police involvement in the quest for answers.


Speculation surrounding Mohbad’s death initially centered on two key figures: his former record label manager, Naira Marley, and his aide, Samlarry.

A disturbing video emerged, depicting both individuals physically engaging with Mohbad, elevating them to prime suspects. However, subsequent arrests and interrogations failed to yield significant leads in the investigation.

Another person brought into the speculative spotlight was Mohbad’s wife, Omawumi. Some conjectured that financial motives might have driven her to orchestrate his demise.

Despite multiple statements and investigations, no conclusive evidence has surfaced to implicate her in the tragic incident.


Further fueling the mystery, Prime Boy, a friend of Mohbad, emerged as a potential suspect. Reports suggested that a physical altercation between the two occurred just hours before Mohbad’s reported death.

However, the trail has grown cold, leaving authorities and the public grappling with uncertainty.


In the wake of this dearth of answers, netizens have taken to social media to express their emotions.

One commentator lamented the state of Nigeria’s justice system, decrying it as a failed system due to the lack of progress in solving Mohbad’s case.

The sentiment echoed the frustration felt by many who expected a more efficient and conclusive investigation.

Another poignant comment reflected a more spiritual perspective, expressing a desire for Mohbad’s spirit to find peace only after every person responsible for his death is identified and held accountable.

This sentiment underscores the collective yearning for justice and closure among those emotionally invested in the tragic saga.


As the two-month mark since Mohbad’s passing is commemorated, a prevailing sense of disappointment permeates social media discussions.

One commenter noted the shame associated with the anniversary, emphasizing the scarcity of concrete details surrounding Mohbad’s death and the ensuing confusion over the motive behind such a tragic loss.

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