This life nawao – Video from Olu Jacob’s 80th birthday stirs emotions as son holds his hands to cut cake (Video)

A video of Olu Jacob‘s son and his wife Joke Silva assisting the actor and helping him cut his cake on his birthday has stirred emotions.

The veteran Nollywood actor clocked a new age and his family thought it wise to organise a party for him with a huge 80th birthday cake.

In the beginning of the video which was shared by @abidexx_bbOlu Jacobs was seen with his wife, Joke Silva, standing side by side before she was asked to excuse the actor so a personal photo could be taken of him.

While standing close to his cake, his son held his hands and tried to direct him properly on how to cut the cake.

The video has sparked reactions on social media with many netizens expressing their concern over the actor’s health, as he appeared frail in the video.

Olu Jacobs, who used to be energetic, has been battling with dementia in his old age.

@josephineegbejule reacted: “Old age and ill health is terrible. Just reflecting on how good this veteron actor was.It is well sir.Happy birthday.The Lord strengthen you ijn.Amen.”

@user4488761300470 said: “This life na wao!…I just reflected on the movies he He was featured in. One of the best nollywood actors. May God help us at old age!

@Zainab said: “Daddy no get strength again..”

@joyikpeme27 reacted: “Mystery of life, happy birthday sir.”

@alabama said: “More strength sir and happy birthday to you grandpa.”

@sleek34 reacted: “Old age is a blessing. I pray for his sound health rather. Happy birthday legend.”

@Zehio1808 commented: “Happy birthday grandpa Olu jecob, long life in good health in Jesus name.”

@user7819718741995 said: “CELEBRATE ME, NOW WHEN I DEY ALIVE, indeed this woman is a true wife.”

@Queenob2 reacted: “I really thank God Almighty for the life of Mr. Olu Jacobs I wish you many more years ahead age with grace.”

@clintongift616 said: “Happy blessful birthday Sir, legend of our time, live long in good health and more AMEN.”

@eleniyanofafrica reacted: “Mmmm…What a fickleness of life. I reminisced how active and eloquent our daddy used to be years back. Happy birthday sir.”

@Exclusiverasp said: “Happy birthday sir may the Almighty strengthen you.”

See the video below:


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♬ original sound – Abidexx_bb