This is so heartbreaking – Man surprises girlfriend with new car only for him meet another guy in her house (Video)


A man, simply identified as Chima, has been left heartbroken after he surprised his girlfriend with a brand new Toyota model car only for him to meet another guy at her place.

In recent days, men have been in the news for surprising their girlfriends with jaw-dropping gifts. but the heartbreaking video showed that the man’s surprise went wrong.

It appeared that the man visited his girlfriend unannounced to present her a car gift only to get there to meet another man in her house.

In the video, it seemed the man stormed out of his girlfriend’s place with the brand new car. The lady, who was uneasy, ran after him to beg.

Despite the lady’s attempt, the man did not look back as he zoomed off her apartment.

Social media users trooped to comment section as they rebuked the lady for two-timing her boyfriend.

While at it, some disclosed that the video was staged to create contents.

Some reactions are shown below:

_smb_unscripted said, “No be small wahala for her! Cheating does not pay.”
yelemakinwa said, “This front and back she carry self nah wahala for the owner. One man can’t satisfy all this”.

faith_erwat said, “Osope otilò😂 heavy load. Lol”.
babingtonashayeiii said, “Sure say dis one real”.

tobiasoguejiofor said, “Chima eh😃”.
iamfaytech said, “They are never satisfy. That gender matter tire me”.

Watch the video below: