This is a big NO – Reactions as clergyman’s daughter walks down the aisle in a mini dress for her white wedding….

A video capturing a Nigerian bride, Jackie, confidently striding down the aisle in a mini dress wedding ensemble, while being lovingly supported by her parents, has taken the internet by storm.

The video quickly went viral, garnering widespread attention and sparking intense discussions among netizens, especially as the bride’s father is a man of God.

Identified as Canon Yemi Adedeji, the proud dad shared footage from the special day, and expressed joy in his captions.

The bride’s unconventional choice to wear a mini dress instead of a traditional wedding gown challenged societal norms and sparked mixed reactions

While some praised her boldness and individuality, others criticized the departure from traditional wedding attire, leading to passionate debates online.

Mixed reactions trail bride’s mini dress wedding look

fabrics_by_arinola: “Civilization has make some parent to lost it, it’s just a No, let’s put what will people say when I speak my mind at side. There’s nothing like showing your kids how you look when your parent walk you down or when bless to become one in a classy and beautiful dress. #my opinion#”

samantha_vee__: “It’s giving tr*shy no offense ‍♀️it’s your wedding day the one time in your life you should go all out looking like a goddess not a h**ker running home from a one night stand no offense again this dress is not giving I’ll have even been more comfortable if it was slightly above knee length but this is giving ghetto if my daughter dressed this way best believe I won’t be attending.”

i_weardalika: “Which kind wedding gown be this? Ei no cover nyash ei no cover breast. And you dey do one two steps. You pple are stressinggggg us.”

nancydione: “Maybe she shoulda just walked naked. My own how did her parents allow this? Can never be me as a parent u gon go change.”

emiliamacheals_: “This is no wedding dress to me, and if her parents think this was so cool, why are they properly dressed…now I’m wondering which church allowed this in their sanctuary?”

pritiremmy_therealtor: “It’s her day, she can do whatever she feels like and I love her parent too too respecting her

decision.” tlotxo: “While the parents are fully covered, giving away their daughter half naked. She should have worn a black dress.”

adaobi_ogwuazor: “How will someone wear this for their wedding? See how her parents are proud to walk her down the aisles in that dress. Some things shouldn’t just be condoned. People and their choices tho.”

gabbirouxx: “Pleaseeee who is the bride?!?!? I love it maybe not for my church wedding, but YASSSS for an after party dress.”

Whether for a white wedding or for a civil union, not so many brides will consider a fedora hat as a bridal accessory.

Well, Temilade Salami proved to be unique and a fashionista who thinks outside the box as she not only rocked a hat but pulled it off effortlessly.

The communications consultant got married to the love of her life, dressed in a white ensemble that has left many people in awe.

In the photos posted on her Instagram page, Temilade wore a white pantsuit set with a turtleneck underneath.