‘This generation prefers to c¥t people %ff over issues that can be talked out and settled’ – Seun Adejumobi

President of fruit bearers’ ministry, Evangelist Oluwaseun Adejumobi in a recent social media post highlighted a concerning trend in today’s society: the inability to effectively communicate and resolve conflicts.

Adejumobi pointed out that instead of sitting down and talking things through, people often resort to changing their attitudes, cutting off relationships, and failing to understand the perspectives of others.

According to Adejumobi, this lack of communication has led to an increase in ego-driven behavior and a prevalence of fake relationships.

Genuine connections have been replaced by superficial ones, as people prioritize their own egos over meaningful interactions with others.

Adejumobi’s message serves as a reminder to society to prioritize open and honest communication, and to make an effort to understand others before making rash decisions.

Only by sitting down and talking things through can we truly address conflicts and build stronger, more genuine relationships.

In his words;

Our Biggest Mistake in Our Generation is, we cannot sit down to talk things through. We just change attitude, cut off people and never inquire to know their side of the story.

Ego has created a home in our hearts, genuine people have been replaced with fake ones.