“This DNA issue has become global, it should be done” Mohbad’s father

In a recent interview, Mohbad’s father made a bold declaration, insisting that a DNA test should be conducted to determine whether or not Mohbad’s child truly belongs to him.

The issue of DNA testing has taken a global turn, with some netizens and even celebrities clamoring for a DNA test to be carried out on Mohbad’s som.

It seems Mohbad’s father has also joined the chorus of voices demanding a paternity test to confirm if he is the biological father of his son.

Among those passionately advocating for a paternity test is the self-proclaimed investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo.

She has been unrelenting in her demand going so far as to claim that Wunmi, Mohbad’s wife, had been sending individuals her way.

Kemi Olunloyo has even hinted that she possesses the DNA test results and is prepared to share them with the world if Wunmi does not disclose the identity of her child’s father.

It was also reported that Very Dark Man, a popular TikTok sensation known for his outspoken nature, had also joined the agitation for justice  surrounding Mohbad’s death.

He had stated that such a test is essential to remove any doubts surrounding the child’s paternity, as nearly everyone seems to be considered a suspect.

Just yesterday, it was reported that Very Dark Man had resumed his previous claims that Omawumi, Mohbad’s wife, may have played a role in his untimely demise.

He has put forth various reasons to support this suspicion, including allegations that Mohbad used his wife’s bank account when he was newly signed to Marlians Records due to not having one of his own.

Moreover, he disclosed that Mohbad had purchased land and properties for his wife and her mother, raising questions about their financial dealings.