They‘ve been saving for nearly 10yrs: Mum, Morayo, breaks kids’ piggybanks


A journalist and the TVC Your View host, Morayo Afolabi Brown, has shared a video of the money her kids have been saving for nearly a decade.

In an Instagram post shared on Monday, January 23, the mother said that she broke all their piggybanks. Many N500 and N1000 notes were crumpled on the floor.

CBN deadline on old naira notes Morayo stated that she is depositing the money in the bank as some old notes will be phased out by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Many people who saw the video were amazed that the children could delay gratification and save for that long.

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered more than 100 comments with thousands of likes.

SM compiled some of the reactions below:

moscakery said: “I can’t even save in a kolo for 2 months without breaking it, such discipline.”

sweetbakesandevents said: “Almost 10 what? The last time I used Kolo was 2020, my husband broke my save and had the mind to use it buy stuffs for me.”

princepesa29 said: “Nigeria is different from other countries in a lot of things. In the UK, even after 20years they will still collect. It is still legal tender of the nation come what may.”

boshdesigns said: “Had to do the same ooo…moved the money to their bank account…but they keep coming to ask me for the money in their piggy bank.”

 Watch the video below:

Woman adds alligator pepper to piggybank

Meanwhile, SM earlier reported that a Nigerian lady, Anwulika Udanoh, broke her piggybank, revealing that she was finally able to meet her January to April target.

What caught many people’s attention was that she put some alligator peppers inside the handmade savings box to protect against sudden disappearance.

In one of her responses to people’s comments, she revealed that she started the alligator pepper practice when N90,000 suddenly “disappeared” from the money she was saving and she could not account for it.

Mad woman delivers a baby in front of a lady’s shop

Meanwhile, It was previously reported that a mad woman had delivered a baby in front of a lady’s shop.

A video from the incident, which was seen on TikTok, showed the mentally challenged woman on the floor as people gathered around her making videos and marvelling over what happened.

One of the women present strapped the newborn to her back and showed it to the video recorder when a man in their midst requested to see the kid.

Kindhearted folks began to make financial contributions to the mad woman and her newborn.

The woman whose shop the baby was delivered described the incident as God sent.