“They’ve been dating since their school days…” — Netizens react to viral photo of Apostle Joshua Selman and fiancée at church dinner

Many Netizens have been left shocked after a photo of Apostle Joshua Selman and his alleged fiancée make rounds on the internet.

Apostle Joshua Selman who is the founder and spiritual father of Koinonia has never been married and has no known spouse.

The photo was shared on microblogging platform, X, by @Row_Haastrup, while implying that something might be going on between the two.

Many members of Apostle Joshua Selman have alleged that they have been dating for a while but there is no confirmation yet.

In his words; “Someone posted this on WhatsApp and said if you know, you know… Pls what does this mean? I really want it to be what I’m thinking but…”

Reactions to the post below

@activistmanny alleged: “He’s been dating Sarah since their school days. I pray they end up getting married. I’m not a fan of people calling her selwoman and mama, etc, because they are not even married and the church community has joined already. I pray they get married in 2024 though.”

@odirah_cellz asked: “You guys mean he isn’t married? That’s weird”

@JoyOmo2205 said: “They just like shipping everyone they see together. Until it comes from Apostle’s mouth, then they are just family friends and nothing more”

@RebekkahbluE wrote: “I think that’s the lady they call Selwoman. They’ve been engaged for a while I think according to what I read.”

@JoeOdey opined: “Look compatible – by appearances. All the best wishes to them!”

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