They only said ‘Thank You’ – Man returns 3.2m naira mistakenly transferred into his bank account.

A young Nigerian man, Akanji Ayodele, has in a message sent to a popular blog with photos attached, narrated how N3.2m was transfered into his bank account by mistake.

According to the man, the incidence happened in October 2012 when he asked his apprentice, Femi Adebayo, to deposit the sum of N3,200 into his Enterprise Bank account.

Honest Nigerian returns N3.2m

Later that day, Ayodele was surprised when he got an alert of N3.2m instead.

He said that the deposited N3,200 was the money he got for repairing a computer.

The man said to be sure the N3.2m in his account was not a machine error, he went to the ATM and withdrew N100k successfully.

He took both the cash and the remaining balance to the bank.

Bank never rewarded his honesty According to Ayodele, the bank only told him “thank you,” and there was no reward for the act.

He, however, said he was shown the cashier who made the mistake as the bank official wept.

In his words: “I was not commended by the bank they only tell me thank you and I left the bank most especially the cashier that made the mistake was shown to me weeping profusely in the bank branch manager office.”