They are not enough: Man who married 3 women on same day set to wed more

A man who married three gorgeous wives on the same day has said he has not closed the chapter on marriage.

Athuman Yengayenga, who exchanged vows with three lovely ladies in the mosque, said he was eyeing more wives in the future.

The Shanwe, Mpanda Municipality resident in Katavi province, Tanzania, said he plans to have at least 10 wives.

Married man from Katavi province advises young men

During an interview on Millard Ayo’s YouTube channel, the lucky man said many women wanted to be married.

“These three are not enough. There are many women out there waiting to be married.

They are not to be sought after as it is a matter of talking to them and presenting your idea.

I urge men not to sleep on this opportunity but to attack when ready,” he laughingly said.

Shanwe groom consults wives on adding another woman Yengayenga admitted adding another wife would not be as straightforward, noting he would have to speak with his wives, Fatuma Rafaeli, Asha Pius and Mariam John.

“If they say yes, then I will proceed. If they say I wait, I will also listen to them because they need to live together in harmony.

They need to love one another, stay in unity and be happy,” he stated.

Man living in Mpanda municipality splits time for each wife

Yengayenga also said he spent two days a week with each wife but not in any order to give each one of them maximum attention.

He also observed all wives were not on the same level as despite marrying all at the same time, there was one who was the boss wife, who had more authority.